Our Nigeria is like an Indian rubber. A little causes to swell while a lot will not burst it. This make-up is what makes Nigeria intriguing and keeps the outside world on tenterhooks, our seeming proclivity for misplacement of priority and predilection for absurdity leave people in saner climes gasping for breathe.

A friend of mine has derisive catchphrase in capturing the essence – “only in Nigeria”. We chorus it almost in unison, during animated sessions. It can on only happen in Nigeria, that a politician who has done a stint in prison, will stand election and win, only in Nigeria will a politician who may be impeached during his first spell in office return to elective office, in a blaze of glory.

It is only in Nigeria, that Olajumoke – the Agege bread hawker – who could not write or speak a word of English as at the time of TY Bello’s epiphany, by stroke of luck and sheer serendipity, inadvertently appeared in – photobombed – TY Bello’s photo shoot of British born Nigerian rapper, Tinie Tempah, became the cynosure of all eyes, modelling companies started jostling for her attention, she appeared
on tabloids and magazines, and electronic bill boards, within two weeks of her discovery, she featured on

CNN’s Africa voices, during the same period she was the keynote speaker at an event at Transcorp Hilton in Abuja. Conversely, A certain Daniel Dada Ayodele who set a record in the University of Lagos (UNILAG) after he made a Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 5.00, didn’t get equal public attention as Olajumoke, in fact all he got as a well-done-son message was a photo ops with majority

 leader of the house of representative, Femi gbajabiamila, the traditional media and social media didn’t go into frenzy to celebrate his unprecedented feat, how come CNN hasn’t done a story on him? How come his life isn’t documented on blogs and national dailies? How come he isn’t a brand ambassador of any company or product?

While Olajumoke is a dirty stone that could be polished to achieve a lustrous and impeccable shine, Ayodele is a rarity, a true jewel, a diamond in its purest form. Let’s not let our penchant for inanities make things of least importance seem valuable, cloud our judgement.

I’m not against the spotting of genuine talent and nurturing them to bring out their spark, I espouse polishing stones to bring out their shine, but please let’s not do it at the expense of gems of inestimable value! The outcome of our future depends greatly on ‘what’ or ‘whom’ we invest in.

I’m not saying we shouldn’t celebrate Olajumoke o! Before people will throw caution to the wind and tag me a hater or enemy of progress, but what I’m saying in essence is that, we should celebrate people like Ayodele with a blaze of glory because they are none such.

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