As Tiwa woke up the following morning, she found out Femi was in the bathroom taking his bath already, then she thought, ‘When did he get back that I didn’t notice, or didn’t he sleep at home?’
All this thought kept creeping into her mind that she didn’t even notice Femi was through taking  his bath and was staring at her half naked.
Femi knew something was definitely going through Tiwa’s mind so he cleared his throat and said
“Good morning darling!” almost loudly. Shocked by the masculinity Tiwa answered Femi dryly “morning,” she quickly made for the bathroom to avoid any further conversation. On grabbing the door knob, Femi outburst “Tiwa we need to talk”.

As if Femi knew Tiwa was trying to avoid him. Tiwa sat down, away from Femi and watched blankly, remembering how angry he was the previous morning. She knew he was hurt and was just trying to create a peaceful atmosphere for the both of them, But she also was hurt too. The thought of her telling her husband her needs and he taking it with levity was tearing her apart.

Then Femi finally broke the silence and asked rather roughly“Tiwa what is happening to us?” That question got Tiwa thinking should she tell him of how he has been ignoring her or how he hasn’t been doing his duty as her husband or how his family keeps blaming her for their childlessness or how he hasn’t been caring lately or how he has been distant from her. She thought angrily she wasn’t going to tell him it was just going to create another serious argument which she wasn’t ready for that morning.
Femi came to her on the bed where she sat and was holding her hands giving her one of those long stares. “This is not the Tiwalola I married” he said soothingly his voice melting like wax.
“Tiwa what went wrong in our marriage” Femi queried again.
“see Femi it’s too early and… not ready to talk about this atleast not now” she said brushing him off. Femi quickly understood what she meant about her not been ready to talk he knew she was trying to avoid any argument but he thought ‘am not the one that is always in for argument also she is the one always ready to snap at me’.
He finally resolved not to probe further to avoid any fight and took his wife for her words so he felt a bit relieved talking to Tiwa that morning,  at least she gave him audience not like the previous morning she kept staring at him like he has been mauled by a bear without giving him reasonable answer.
Tiwa just stared at the shower she opened absent minded forgetting she wanted to take her bath.She thought of what could have happened to Femi.  for him to talk to her in that manner at least  He was a bit calm and concerned with her this morning he wasn’t ready for a fight.She thought probably he had to talk with one of his uncle who advised him to talk to her in a more calm way to get to the root of the problem.She wasn’t happy for some time now and she wasn’t ready to continue been sad.
I deserve to be happy she said aloud, that was when she realised the shower is open down she quickly made for the shower to have her bath.she was resuming to work today after the two weeks casual leave she was given. She wasn’t supposed to be late after resuming from a leave. She hurriedly took her bath and made for the room to get dressed for work she thought,Funmi need to hear this. She was the only one she could tell things bothering her.
Watch out for episode 5.

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