Many people are aware that greenhouse gases are one of the causes of global warming but you might as well be surprise that they are man-made.

The primary human generated greenhouse gases are carbon di oxide, methane, fluorinated gases (f-gases) ,and nitrous oxide, although greenhouse gases are not the only source of climatic change but are really natural and manmade.

Carbon dioxide (CO₂) is what we breathe out and it’s natural in the air. However plant around us breathesit in hereby keeping the air recycled and reducing the mass of carbon di oxide. CO₂ is one of the commonest greenhouse gas that has changed the climatic balance of some part of the world. CO₂ is mostly generated from fossil fuel combustion mass cement production and land clearing for agriculture which is common in West African.

Gas flaring and many other complete combustion processesare sources of carbon dioxide, although co2 is common gas in the atmosphere but too much of it can destabilize or shift environmental conditions drastically.

Methane (CH₄) is also a parent gas in the greenhouse gas production. Methane is found in the compound of cooking gas which is made up of methane and ethane. CH₄ is not only harmful to the environment. Most sources of Methane gas are large scale livestock production, extraction and exploration of fossil fuels, rice cultivation, landfills and sewage processing otherwise known as marsh gases.

Nitrous Oxide (N₂O) commonly called the laughing gas which is popular used to reduce consciousness when having a surgical operation is also a greenhouse gas that is consciously emitted by industries and fertilizers.

Although N₂O is not commonly harmful when exposed to the air due to the fact that it has been diluted automatically into another compound, but when processed as a waste product, it can be a great threat to the environment (including humans).

The f (fluorinated) gases complete the last segment of gases to be discussed. Starting with HFCs (Hydro fluorocarbons) sourced from aerosols or leakages from refrigerators, air conditioners and even modern automobiles engine. This gas is harmful to the environment and can be instant threat to human existence.

The Perfluorocarbons are gases emitted from aluminium production and from any other semiconductor industry like tin etc. although this gas is not very popular but its destabilizing factor is a threat.