Getting down from his car, Femi read the banner that reads “Adeniyi and Sons Nig. Ltd” for the umpteenth time just to remind himself he works there.On entering the reception, he almost collided with Kunle and he was informed that he was to report at the chairman’s office immediately.

He quickly walked across the chairman’s office and made a knock at the door. “Good morning sir?” he said awkwardly with his briefcase still hanging on his shoulders,“Morning, Femi how was your weekend?” the Chairman doesn’t seem to notice his uneasiness“Very fine sir” Femi replied as if he was forced to do so nodding his head forward as if about to nod a soccer ball….“Just wanted to remind you of the meeting with The Coker group of company, and hope you’re well prepared to lead the delegation as proposed” the Chairman said pretending concentrating on his Macintosh,“ok sir I will be off to cross my t’s and dot my I’s” “You may take your leave” the Chairman dismissed him staring him out as if fidgeting something, Femi almost ran out, jamming the aluminum framed glass doorabsently and descending down the stairs to his office.
Thinking of the task ahead of him he totally forgot about Tiwa’sbehavior earlier that morning.
He quickly prepared the necessary document he needed for the meeting. Before he was through he was informed by his secretary that representative from Coker group of company were around. He quickly rounded up what he was doing to welcome them. The meeting commenced and they discussed on the business ahead of them by the time the meeting ended it was 3p.m.
Then Femi realised he hadn’t taken anything since morning.
He was reluctant to place a call across to his secretary to get him food from the cafeteria but he apparently did.Shortly afterRachael the secretary came in with the food.
It was rice and plantain one of Femi’s favourite, it was just as if Rachael had read his mind. Rachael waited for his boss to open the food and she loosely said “sir I got your favourite”
“Thanks Rachael the food came just in time.” He said without even looking up.Racheal left his office on detecting his boss his giving her a no show.

Very hungry Femi finished the food within ten minutes he later continued the work he had to do.He had to prepare the necessary document to seal the deal with Coker group of company.
By the time he was through with his work it was 7.30pm already he quickly shut down the system and cleared his table and left for home. Then he thought of the traffic he would encounter from Ikeja to Ikorodu.

The stress alone was enough for him to go through, not to talk of Tiwa’s nagging attitude recently.
He finally resolved to sort things out with Tiwa and to find out the reason for her attitude lately but he resolved that he was not ready to pick up a fight or argue with Tiwa, not this night.
‘If Tiwa is being childish, at least am a man, I should act maturely’ he thought.
‘I love my wife and I don’t think I want anything to come between us.’ He continued in thought
By the time he got home it was around 10pm.
Tiwa was asleep by the time he got home so he quietly took his shower and went to bed without disturbing Tiwa for his dinner.
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