Could it be that our cries for youth involvement in national decision making gradually taking is course? This might look as if our dreams to be the leader of today rather than waiting for the future are getting into reality with the new Ooni of Ife coming into sphere.

The new Ooni, Prince AdeyeyeEnitanOgunwusi, a youth of 40 years, has cleared the path for the involvement of Nigerian youths into the political terrain of the nation, and with this new innovation there is a fore-telling for the regeneration of the youths. Looking into his foray as a youth, it can be deduced that Prince Ogunwusi has made enough as a living youth.
Born to Prince John OluropoOgunwusi, a radio and television anchor and star presenter that spanned the entire mid-1980s to early 21st century in the South-Western part of Nigeria, and late Margaret WuraolaOgunwusi (Ile Opa family compound, Ile-Ife), it’s more like a golden fish having no hiding place for Prince AdeyeyeEnitanOgunwusi, the Ooni of Ife designate because theyoung and vibrant Prince Ogunwusi’s excellent and outstanding acumen has start to announce itself for the world to see.

Prince Adeyeye is best described as an astute entrepreneur driven by turning impossibilities to ‘possibilities’. The Young Prince’s power of imagination has set him aside, hence, revolutionizing his approach to creativity and innovation. He is a distinct achiever with the conscience of youthful excellence.

The ambitious young Prince with exceptional business ideas delved into Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC) locally and abroad for over 12 years, a very short period of time considering the Nigerian environment. He is also actively involved in the development of over 2,500 housing units with various consortia of developers within the last 8 years. What has really worked for him is doggedness and sheer zeal to succeed even when impossibilities were staring at him in the face.

In Nigeria, he set up and fostered strong trade relationships through the Association for International Business (AIB) with presence in over 200 member countries across the globe. One of the laudable achievements of this body includes the trade facilitation between the United Arab Emirates (Jebel Ali Free Trade Zone Development) and the Federal Government of Nigeria through the Nigeria Investment Promotion Commission (NIPC).

Furthermore, Prince AdeyeyeEnitanOgunwusi led the Government delegation to Canada in 2002 that promoted strategic alliances through a partnership with the Ondo State Government on solid mineral (Bitumen, Dimension Stones, Granite, etc.) potentials of the state, which gave rise to the formation of the ‘Amalgamated Mining and Exploration Company Limited’ – wholly owned by the Ondo State Government.

In addition, he facilitated the development of Sparkwest Steel Galvanizing Plant (the only steel Galvanizing Plant in Nigeria), National Iron Ore Mining Company Limited and Jakura Mines resuscitation projects, which has eventually become the major limestone feedstock to Obajana Cement Plant in Kogi State, Nigeria.

As a graduate of the Polytechnic Ibadan, where he obtained a Higher National Diploma in Accountancy, and started cutting his teeth in outstanding entrepreneurship, even as a student, Prince Adeyeye took a departure from the normal routine which many Nigerian youths would have seen as ‘greener pastures’. Instead of chasing employment in multinationals and already established companies, he opted to be his own employer and today could boast of a chain of businesses of which he pioneered.

To mention a few, the royal prince of Ile-Ife (the source), is a member of some dignified professional bodies namely; Institute of Chartered Accountants of Nigeria (ICAN), an Associate Accounting Technician and a certified member of the Institute of Directors (IOD) Nigeria. He is also an active member of the Global Real Estate Institute (GRI) having participated at various levels.

Prince AdeyeyeEnitanOgunwusi was involved in the trading and marketing of commodities as the main facilitator for Dangote Group’s break into the ‘up-country supply chain consortium’ between 1996 and 1999. To mention a few, he also traded for Dohagro Allied, Global Apex, Olam, Clemco, Stallion Group and Milan Group at about the same period as a result of which,  he gained his expertise in marketing which till date is one of his core strengths. He also facilitated the biggest Lead and Aluminum recycling plant set up in Nigeria by the National Steel Company of India in Ota, Ogun State.

In 2002 Prince AdeyeyeEnitanOgunwusi was able to revitalize the processing of rice and setting them into different groups and sub categories. In addition he was able to donate rice and tilling equipments to the Oyo and Ogun State chapters of the “Rice Farmers Association of Nigeria”.

The Young Prince was a major force in propagating the Ofada rice production; which was made possible under the chairmanship of AlhajiAbubakarWodi of the “Rice Farmers Association of Nigeria”.

The industrious Prince began his strides in the Real Estate sector with various dredging and land reclamation projects in Lagos State. Prince Adeyeye is the initiator of Essential Homes, a real estate product launched in January 2014, formed to deliver affordable upscale homes to middle and low income earners.

Prince Adeyeye has a clear track record of community development starting with his home town. Four years ago, during the occasion of his Mum’s funeral, the community was without any form of electricity. The Prince embarked on a ‘Power Project’ to install transformers and light poles that generated electricity which till date is serving the good people of that community.

This ‘Power project’ was also extended to the other parts of the town. The Lafiaji community, off Orchid Hotel road, Lekki – Epe expressway, Lagos also benefitted from his community development projects with the opening up and reconstruction of 6.5km road, with a 1.1km green extension without Government intervention. He also made possible the electrification of this whole stretch powered by his company, Gran Imperio Group.

Within a year, to actualize his dream of the development of one of the best resorts in Nigeria, he led a team that opened up a remote jungle called Inagbe Island in Amuwo-Odofin LGA, Lagos.

His vision and creativity transformed Inagbe Island into a whole new community offering world class relaxation and recreational facilities. The multi-billion Naira Inagbe Grand Resorts and Leisure, Lagos, Nigeria is the first of its kind in the whole of West Africa bounded by the Lagos Lagoon and the Atlantic Ocean. With this feat, he is set to increase the country’s GDP through tourism and reduce unemployment by providing direct and indirect employment.

At the launch of this magnificent project in December 2013, The Managing Director of First Bank plc., Mr.BisiOnasanya, told The National Newspaper(published on December 13,2013) that tourism remain a veritable means of entrepreneurship and a source of revenue for Nigeria. Hence, it should be given necessary support.

At the unveiling of the signage of the resort, MrBisiOnasanya said” It is a shame to some of us that we have waited this long for a younger person to come and wake us up and show us what we are able to do.”

Prince Adeyeye is very passionate about people and their pursuit of happiness. Alongside his vibrant personality, he is very down to earth and enjoys being in the midst of his workers. He celebrates and dances with them, dines with them, cracks jokes and of course gets on the work grind with them.

Early this year, Prince Adeyeye disclosed his plans to take Ile-Ife to greater heights by rebranding the ancient town and replicating the Grand Resort in Ile-Ife, having already acquired a good land mass for the project. On the 7th of March 2015, Prince Adeyeye was a recipient of the prestigious NIDSA (National Ife Descendant Students’ Association) GOLD AWARD for 2015 on the occasion of the Ife Day celebration.

He is a grassroot fellow to the core, whose humility is second to none and a lover of youths. As a philanthropist, Prince Adeyeye has sponsored numerous less privileged children and youths in his hometown of Ile-Ife and likewise in Lagos where he lives.

Many youths till date are beneficiaries of Prince Adeyeye’s scholarship platform.

Prince Adeyeye is currently an employer of over 300 indigenous youths at the InagbeCocowood Factory-Essential Homes Furniture brand, which is the first of its kind in Nigeria using 100% indigenous raw materials for production. He has over 450 direct employees across his various companies and over 3000 indirect employees.

Prince AdeyeyeEnitanOgunwusi is a Director on the Board of Imperial Homes Mortgage Bank Limited, (formerly GTHomes) which is a leading National Mortgage Bank and former subsidiary of one of the biggest banks in Africa; GTBank plc.

He is also a Director at Fina Trust Microfinance Bank Limited; one of Nigeria’s foremost Microfinance Banks focusing on SMEs and micro credit facilities.

He is the founder and Managing Director of Gran Imperio Group, which is the holding company of his Real Estate and Construction, Manufacturing, Facilities Management, Leisure and Tourism companies in Nigeria.

Also, taking a cue into the implication of this development in the traditional leadership world will and how it will affect the government; this should be a pusher for the inculcation of youths into the leadership positions scattered throughout the federation, and not an avenue for the old men. As stated earlier, this will help into generation of youths with good and reliable leadership thoughts to bring into fore-front a replicable leadership system

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