The Ile-Ife he envisions…

This is based on an article titled ‘The Ile-Ife and Yoruba of my dream’, written by the Ooniof Ile-Ife designate, Prince AdeyeyeEnitanOgunwusi.

Prince Adeyeye described his life from birth as journey one which he had traveled through with great sense of responsibility and had done far more good than harm in preparing him ahead of life challenges.

“From birth, my life has been a journey; one that I embarked on saddled with great conscientiousness when I became a responsible father at the age of 19, which shaped and groomed me for greater challenges ahead.

“To cater for my family as a young father, I became very enterprising with the knack of building something out of nothing. This certainly increased my temperament for being successful in all my endeavours, as well as towing the right path as a responsible father.

“Thus, in the following years, I was able to build consortia of companies with a team of well-versed, highly skilled and unskilled professionals from scratch and with hard work and God’s providence. This has made me a huge employer of labour and a captain of industries.”

However, he also reiterated his commitment and passion to the development of youths in this ancient town of the Yorubas. The Prince has also pledged to bring about transformation of the Ancient town and engage the youths in empowerment programmes that will shape their lives possibly not leaving the old and widowed out of his plan. The Ooni-elect seems to want to bridge the gap between the rich and the poor and reduce the rate of dependency among this affected demographic group (i.e the youth, the old and the widowed).

Hear him, “The Ile-Ife of ‘my dream’ will be strategically positioned to empower its people socially, economically and culturally to bring about the desired developments. Now, with our resolve to transform Ile-Ife we are ‘SET’ to leave no stone unturned, in the drive to put Ile-Ife on the map of the world. Our ultimate goal is to reposition the House of Oduduwa as a worthy example of successful inward-looking community.

“Consequently, there is a huge possibility for Ile-Ife to experience tremendous growth through industrialization and developmental projects like a company managed by dedicated sons and daughters of Ife and all Ife enthusiasts. I have no doubt; Ife will be great again due to its economic dexterity. Ife has one of the largest land mass in the South-west beaming with natural resources including three out of the four factors of production; ‘land’, ‘labour’ and ‘entrepreneurship’ and with our great resolve we shall work towards ‘capital’ creation.

“I am very passionate about my roots with the determination of bringing Ile-Ife to the forefront of economic and social affairs. In my private life, I have for a while been involved in many philanthropic gestures in Ile-Ife and its environs. The progressiveness of the youths of Ile-Ife is at the core of my philosophy and I have been instilling hope to thousands of youths through the various ongoing reciprocity Programmes I established a while ago.

“It is within the dictates of our culture that the young shall provide for the old and for this reason our youths need to be nurtured and engaged positively hence they can attain financial independence and in return provide for their parents, families and dependants. This is not to say that the old and elderly will be left out. There will be various empowerment Programmes for the elderly and the widowed to learn new trades and acquire new skills that will help stamp out redundancy and at the same time be financially rewarding to them.”

Known to be a ‘go getter’, Prince Adeyeye, however, ruled out every form of impossibility citing some of his achievements which had come with stints of impossibilities but which he had risen to the occasion to get the best out of. Highlight of which is the ‘Parakin’, Ile-Ife, which according to him used to be a social menace but was transformed within the shortest possible time. A month.

“Many might argue that the tasks before me are incredibly monumental and impossible. However, I do not get easily swayed by the idea of impossibilities. In every challenging situation what I see is a speck of possibility which I build on till the task at hand is completed. I have done this time over time and I have defied the rules of men to follow my gut instincts. I have excelled where, people had predicted failure and I derived the most joy where others have said emphatically “it is not possible”.

“A recent classic example of turning impossibilities to possibilities took place at ‘Parakin’ in Ile-Ife where I converted a sizeable piece of thick forest land into a beautiful castle within a month. The land hitherto, was a garbage dump and an escape route for men of the underworld in the vicinity which constituted a social menace to the inhabitants of ‘Parakin’.

“In recent history one cannot mention Ile-Ife without acknowledging the Ife and Modakeke conflict. It’s unfortunate that lives were lost during the war between Ife and Modakeke; a war that had no economic value and displaced many lives. I paid a courtesy visit to the youths affected by the war and implored them to be proactive. Furthermore I urged them to be on the straight and narrow path and propagated the tenets of hard work as the only way to make it in life.”

The Prince believes that youths’ destinies could be hampered if not properly nurtured and given opportunities

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