“Mummy, I can’t wear this,  I’ll become the laughing stock of the
whole school ” protested Ola over the new batik dress her mother had
made and insisted she wore it to her cultural party.
This. Argument had been years back and as she had rightly
predicted,Ola had to show less of her face at school because of the
jokes her friends made of her. Back then in Ola’s school,wearing of
clothes which are handmade and especially with local fabrics was a
thing of abhorrence,a sign of archaism by the years gone by.
However, reverse is the case in this 21st century,where materials like
batik,Ankara,kampala and other local fabrics are translated into what
fits into the latest trends and its referred to as the “Rebirth” (the
revival of learning and culture).

Adire(yoruba -tie and dye) textile is the indigo dyed cloth made in
south western Niggeria by yoruba women using a variety of resist dye
techniques.As the translation of the name suggest, the earliest pieces
of this type were probably simple tied designs on cotten cloth
handspun and woven locally.it is a major craft in Abeokuta (a suburb
in ogun state,lagos) and Ibadan attracting buyers from all over west
“I love Adire and other local prints because they are Nigeria
brand, this is our culture,our product our identity,our heritage,and
we can not afford to loose it to western culture”
This is from a fashion designer,Ola-Abraham Emmanuel. He takes pride
in crafting fabulous designs with adire and other local fabrics which
he calls —-“the African pride”
Ola-Abraham went further to emphasis on the reason why he use these
local fabrics ,he stated that he wanted to do something different and
make the local products proud.
“What makes us african,if we can’t rock our local fabrics? What makes
us stand out?. The most interesting thing is that,due to creativity of
various fashion designers,these local fabrics now comes in different
stylish designs that you can wear,even as an office or corporate wear”
The likes of Temitayo Nathan,Owanbe clothing,Yomi casual,DaVirtuous
clothings,says it all.
In an interview with a student of a tertiary institution,Maryam
Thawban said she believe that our local fabrics can fit into todays
modern trend because it depends largely on the creativity of the
fashion designer to be able to make these local fabrics especially
Adire blend into todays fashion trend.
“I have seen clutches,shoes,even hand bags made with these
fabrices,evnn shirt joined with other materials. Like
linen,chinos,etc.So I still believe that it depends on how crazily
creative one tends to be with these materials and by so doing it makes
it blend easily Into todays fashion trend.
Acknowledging the fact that local fabrics can actually fit into
today’s fashion trend reallly is not the main issue,the main issue is
the ability for every average Nigerian to be able to rock these
materials or fabrics on normal weekdays rather than than the regular
friday ritual of wearing natives.Some people like these local fabrics
but they do not like to wear them for official gatherings.
For Maryam, it is a different ball game, she is so proud of these
fabrics that she can wear them almost everyday.
“I am diversified in my dressing, I don’t just believe that we
should only put on corporate or official wears during the week, and on
fridays we put on native , NO!..I can put on native through out the
week because I am proud of my culture,” she explains.
However, as the saying goes”different strokes for different
folks”,while some are proud of these local fabrics, others are just
indifferent; and they are not interested in the whole native(local
fabrics) stuff.
“Well,even if the local fabrics are trending and everyone wants to
rock them , I just like to stick to my casuals…because I feel very
comfortable in them and I have no cause to be going to the tailor or
designer shop to take measurement and eventually not get what I want
or have to deal with disappointment .So l stick to my english wears
because they are reliable anytime” says Meier, a working class lady.
So many people might not want to follow trend because they feel it
will be too common,nevertheless, my little advice is for us to go into
malls,shops,etc to grab some Adire fabrics, get a good fashion
designer who can sew to our taste even the almighty casual wears/suits
and let’s us all sustain our culture and heritage even in this modern

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