The unavailability of Power supply in Nigeria is a determining factor towards economic and intellectual growth as a Nation. More often than not, Nigerians consume lesser power supply compared to their counterparts in other climes and regions of the world.

Any living Nigerian will agree with the fact that the nation’s economy depends solely on power. How then do we meet our unlimited demands which are economically gravitated? That is a question which demands an answer for another day because here within this geographical restrictions. However, our struggles continue hoping to subside someday. Our conditions as Nigerians only gets debilitating each day as we wait anxiously for a swift change in the provision of power to us all.

Different sectors of the economy are now dormant as a result of epileptic power supply. Especially the educational sectors which is pertinent to the growth and development of a nation. Imagine a tertiary institution with no power supply for over a year! (That’s true!) that’s certainly worth talking about. How does one expect students to cope with this decapitating situation?

An answer to that can only be tangible from a firsthand experience which is coming from me taking you through my ordeal as a student of The Ekiti State University (EKSU).

The Environmental condition of Eksu has taught me and other students in my school to be self-reliant. Making it more elaborate let’s say I moved into Eksu as a student at about sixteen months ago, that was before my final acclimation in the school environment,I stayed in some place far from the school main campus which had a better supply of power and was quite comfortable. January 2015, I moved into the school rehabilitated dilapidated hostel which was the last time I celebrated power (as in energy). Nonetheless,most students stay off campus,but very close to the school.

At first,when power supply started as a problem, we had the notion it was a trivial problem which would be solved in no time. But, reverse was the case, the problem became more of a problem after a Month of no power supply. From a month it developed into two, three, four,five months, a year and still counting. Students of EKSU have become refugees who move from one hostel to another to power their gadgets i.e. phones,laptops, torchlights,power banks, lamps etc. Barbing saloons, cyber cafes, within and outside the school were not left out.These Small scale Business premises with self-generated power supply (generators) have become our saviors “EKSU has taught me to move here and there with my charger” said a friend while lamenting about the status of power supply in the school.

However, within the school campus, and most recently the Iworoko axis of the school environment i.e. off campus can boast of power supply even if not as constant as it should be. One of the very important things we do as students’ going for lectures is to “carry” with us our gadgets asides the notebooks. In our backpacks and handbags you will be sure to find phones, laptops, lamps and chargers. These things substitute the makeup kits for ladies. The lecturers do not take offense while students grapple to charge their phones during lectures in any of the lecture theatres (Lts) because they seem to understand the plight of the poor students. Obviously most students attend lectures because they want to power their gadgets. You will agree with me that students need to do assignments online,using search engines. They equally want to surf the web and visit social media accounts like Facebook,twitter, Instagram, WhatsApp, Bbm etc to name a few just to keep in touch with family and friends.

Charging within the school premises is viable from Mondays through Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays are exempted except during exams period. The other sources of power supply to students are church fellowship centres that allow members and non-members of their fellowships to charge their gadgets during services. Students go to fellowships and other places to study when exams are near.

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