Lecture-free week; awesome moments with family!

School started fully about ten weeks ago, and in these weeks I’ve only been able to spend about 20 days collectively, with my children. So you can imagine my joy after hearing about a Lecture-free week which was due to the convocation ceremony to be held for graduating students of the school.

I had actually promised myself, before my resumption for the session at all, that I would spend every free moment I’m able to spare out of school with my children, even if it is just a few hours. So I go home every weekend, making sure to spend every minute with them and being there in the little way I can.

Despite the fact that I would love to participate in some activities going on in school, like joining a club or society in the faculty, because I believe one does not just go to the university for academic purposes, you go there to gather experience, get exposed to the outside world and to broaden your intellectual horizon. Like a lecturer of mine from NIJ would always say “don’t just pass through  the school, make sure the school passes through you, but in a positive manner”. I find myself putting those dear wishes of mine in abeyance because, the time such activities might require could be the one I have to spend with my children.

After waiting for a test which was supposed to hold on Monday but was later postponed. I immediately carried my bag and left the school with a joyful heart, and a sole intention to make the best out of this opportunity by spending the whole week with my family.

I then remember a lady who always bring her infant to class during one of our general courses. And my cousin, who has a 17 month old baby she takes to staff school creche each morning before she resume for her class. I’m sure this Lecture-free week would be as welcomed to them as it is to me. In fact, I’m hoping to interview them soon, for I can only imagine how they’re coping with their studies and having to take care of their kids themselves, like I discussed in the last episode.

My maternal instinct definitely want this week to drag on, but my student self knows that academics have to continue. However, I would not mind if I can have this kind of opportunity sometime soon again.

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