“I planned to get married while in school and planned having babies immediately after marriage… “

The above was the exact statement of Aderinoye Ameenar, a final year student of faculty of Arts, department of foreign languages at Obafemi Awolowo University, ile-ife, Nigeria.

Ameenar is a student mother who shares her story in the “journal of a studentmother“. She’s happily married with a son while she’s in school. When asked whether it was by choice she explained thus: ” It was indeed by choice, not by accident. As you know I was happy being pregnant, even when I was still in a tactical educational level”.

Some take decisions only to regret them later. However, the young studentmother explained that she has never regretted getting married and having a son while studying. “it has been a wonderful experience all through, to God be the glory. I have no cause for regret as I am doing great as a studentmother.” she said.

She explained that she has been able to cope excellently adding that “… being a mother while studying has in no way affected my academic performance”

And like everything that has its pros and cons, she narrated “the challenges I faced as a student and at the same time a mother was initially finding who to keep my child with and that later got sorted well and despite the difficulties, I was there and always there for my baby when he needed me the most. Although I sometimes wish hat he was always with me.”

Ameenar was asked if she would choose otherwise if presented with an opportunity to start over again, to which she replied “I would choose to be a mother even as a student over again because I see it as a challenge, and I have always wanted to challenge life and not allow life challenge me.”

Journal of a studentmother continues.

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