In a society, either developed or under-developed, the media plays a responsible role in building the society, since the public relies on them for the passage of genuine information and updates, which will be of immense value to them. Even, as their was a write up showing the importance of the media in heaven, neglecting other profession, stressing its priority.

However, in our media world today, especially in Nigeria there are challenges been faced, which sometimes associates itself with the medium and portrays it unworthy to the public.

These challenges have been romancing with them for a while and its not as if its not known or probably unaware of, but the decision to keep mute is gradually making matters worst and if time is not taken, media will not be of value commodity to the public anymore.

Could anything have prompted me to discuss this issue? Maybe, but for the interest of some of my friends who are interested in what is making the Nigerian media loose value nowadays, and my passion for it. We shouldn’t just look (being upcoming ones) and let things crumble before we decide to say something.

In other not to elongates issues, let me go direct into some of these challenges. The most important one being the welfare of journalists, has been left of the hook. Some media houses are owing their staffs several months salaries, without a fore-tell of when to pay them. It was lately when Daily Independent Newspapers decided to fold up (though they are now online) when its staffs were owed 25-months (2 years and One month) salaries. See wickedness of the highest order.

As we all know the gravity of this profession, shouldn’t media owners or those kept in charge be up to task of catering for their staffs, in order to ensure safe and reliable work delivery or output. Even those who aren’t owing their staffs are busy slashing their already meagre pay. What does that suppose to mean?

However, because of this menace battling the media houses, some intending media personnels are having doubt of mind whether to fulfill their dream as a media person or move to other designation in life, which will pay their bills, when the time comes..

Looking forward into this topic, one would have it in mind that what of the implication of the new media into today’s media world. To say fact, the new media has taken over the places but the traditional media won’t die, as some may presume.

In this stead, how many of journalists and staffs are “new media literate?” The scope of this pursues the importance of being literate in this new media to follow the trend as it moves, and as such every media houses must have a platform for this new development and urge their staffs to become versatile in it, if possible train them in it, but if they decide to go otherwise, then what we don’t pray for may eventually happen.

Some may even be on twitter, facebook, google plus and the rest, but how well do they take time to check and update it? Aren’t they aware these mediums have become avenue to get stories, and keep them abreast of happenings today.
We also have multimedia journalism, where everything such as audio, video, pictures, graphics, would be merged together in one production, thereby making news no more story writing but story telling.

As it might goes on, what of the problem of media ownership who have inculcate their own way of life into these media owned by them? Its a well-known fact that majority of mediums in Nigeria are owned by politicians, and as a result will want their mediums to speak well of them and their political parties, even if they are doing bad. Not being aware of the destruction their handwork is going., personally I think they should make a research on how their medium is coping in the market, probably they will make a re-think and distance themselves from their media, and also urge their medium to “say it the way it is” not minding whose ox is gored.

The most paramount issue challenging the Nigerian media, and will be the last one, to be discussed among other issues and needed to be solved is the replacement of old and tired workers in the organisations. Believe me, especially electronic or broadcast medium, the old and tired legs are so much that it doesn’t give younger ones chance to come in. No wonder, “no vacancy” is the response after every attempt by an upcoming journalist to work in a medium receives.

As described, the old and tired legs ought to be replaced as the world changes and things in it moves along, there have been new innovations which these old men and women don’t know about, but lies within the younger ones, so why won’t your medium be at the background, while others are at the front?

We (media) should remove the speck from our eyes before considering removing from others. We are so much good in that, without looking into our challenges, before looking into others. I believe if these challenges can be met and solved, why won’t our medium be up and doing again?

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