As a woman, you can decide to be a cook or a guru.

We live in a world where one would end up being truncated if not educated…

Everyone deserves to be educated, women especially. No one is meant to be cut off world’s affairs or left blind even though not visually impaired, because that’s what happens when one is not educated. Women’s education should be paramount because they are the one driving the wheel of the society from where it matters most. They are the one who trains the
children called the leaders of tomorrow because they matter more, and they are the one who support the husband in ways that matters.

This reminds me of a comment made by one of our readers, Micheal Babajide, narrating how his mother’s academic career coincided with his childhood, what got my attention was his statement that “though women have a significant mother’s obligation towards their children, yet, women should be educated. They deserve it. If only women can write a
blog-diary like you Mar’yam maybe some hearts can be raised and some sudden marriages reduced and husbands can empower their wives to seek education. You shared stories are capable of helping some women take a decision to either be cooks or gurus.”

I, just as Micheal, also spent my childhood days outside my mother’s arms, only to have the desire brew in me right from childhood that I also want to be educated, after attending her convocation from the University of Ibadan in the year 1999. I was so little then, but I knew I wanted to be like that woman, that woman graduating from school that year, not knowing
in my innocent little heart the price she paid which involves leaving us when we were little, we only saw her when she was on semester break or at the end of a session, but that didn’t stop us from loving her neither did we blame her for leaving us.

Women who pay the heavy price of leaving the children for a particular period of time, to pursue education (of any kind) might appear to be shedding some obligations, which include not being there for the kid(s).

However, it’s my belief that they’re carrying out another obligation through that act, this involves instilling in the children) the  will, interest and zeal to want to be educated too, and also to know the simple fact that to be educated is very important today, more than it has always been.

Here I am, several years after I attended my mom’s convocation. I was barely 9 years old then and that was my first experience of seeing a university or knowing what a university really is. And the determination of then is what I’m living now, in its entirety. My dearest prayer now is to have my children also attend my convocation in years to come, see a university better than I did then and to know the importance of education through me in best ways possible.

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