It is no more a doubt of mind over when young Nigerians will take over the mantle of leadership in the nation, since its even believed that the young ones are the leaders of tomorrow (today); and relatively having the young ones at the helm of affairs ought to bring about numerous changes in the system, in which its all associated with the new generation.

Taking a cue from the last United Kingdom elections, in which a 20-year old student, Mhairi Black won a seat in the parliament, thereby becoming the UKs youngest lawmaker since 1600s. Black, who belongs to the Scottish National Party, won the seat of Paisley and Renfrewshire South, beating the Labour party’s Douglas

Alexander, who, at 47, is more than twice her age. Alexander had held the seat for 18 years and was a high-ranking figure in the Labour party, serving as Labour’s foreign policy spokesman and its general election campaign chief.

With her surprising upset victory, Black will become the UK’s youngest MP in almost 350 years, since Christopher Monck joined the House of Commons in 1667 at age 13. By beating incumbent Alexander by more than 6,000 votes, Black marked one of the biggest upsets in what has been overall an unpredictable general election.

As a result of this, many young Nigerians now believed they also have the capability and audacity to hold political offices in the country. But wont we ask ourselves this simple question, how have we been able to understand the country called Nigeria, from a very wider perspective? In this, stead, am talking about the history, economic, political, social and regional attributes of the country.

Also, how many young Nigerians are asking questions over the leadership system in the country. Black, had this in mind before vying for the position, in which she won.

“People are engaged with politics again, they aren’t afraid to come up and ask the difficult questions,” Black told the Paisley Daily Express She also pointed out that the people of Scotland are speaking and its time for their voice to be heard at Westminster.

Having note this, many young Nigerians are not on this side of asking questions and speaking out their minds concerning the way, the country is been led. Rather, we found same young Nigerians following the corrupt politicians all about, just because of peanuts to be given to them, and at the end, they would be used and dumped.

While on the other side, many young Nigerians do not know the law of the land, many do not know their rights from the left, many are on the devious side of life. Talk to any, about the political terrain of the country, you hear please leave me because I don’t have time for Nigeria and her problem, while many are on the side of making quick and easy money.

Meanwhile, young Nigerians need to learn a lot from Blacks experience, in order to achieve this kind of prospect, but the question is, how many are even aware of this development?

Though, the mentality of an average Nigerian is the belief that the older generation have what it takes to lead the country to her peaceful shore, though am not against this assumption, but the issue is; this same older generation are found culpable of the damages done to halt the growth of the country.

With these, the future of the country should be handed over to the younger generations, whom I believe and other shares the thought, that the young Nigerian is the leader of today. The recycling of our old men and women should stop. Therefore, there is still hope for the young Nigerian. Just believe it!

By Adeyanju Uwala

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