For the challenges and upturns facing the country,  despite the steps and means taken by our leaders to change the face of situation in the country, it seems the realities of things have refused to change, but rather we keep wallowing in troubled waters that what we supposed to have swim out and take new steps towards becoming a changed individual and new nation. Thoughts have been raised and suggestions have been proffered towards this same issue but still the situation remains same. Nigerians today cannot claim to have no knowledge of happenings in the country, from Corruption cases, Boko Haram insurgency, Electricity challenges, Educational failures, Unemployment, Insecurity, Inter-ethnicity challenges and many other battling with the country till today.

Although, some of these challenges have been with us since the days of post and pre-indepedence era, among which some can be cited to have happened during the days of late Chief Obafemi Awolowo and Dr. Nnamdi Azikwe, in which these two nationalists pioneered the disagreement between two tribes in the country, even till today, although despite the olive branch stretched from the former to the latter that was ignored, this is according to history. Therefore, we can say that majority of what we are facing now began from the time of these our nationalists, Chief Obafemi Awolowo, Dr. Nnmadi Azikwe, Alhaji. Tafawa Balewa, Sir. Ladoke Akintola, and many others (Awo: Unfinished Greatness, 1987).

Having taken a brief look into what the country is facing today, many are of the opinion that the youths or younger ones should be given a chance to demonstrate their prowess in the political arena of the country, even though, it is a say that “children are the leaders of tomorrow”, and yet till today, the youths have not been given a benefit of doubt to test their ability in to whatever they can demonstrate concerning leadership in the country. Now the question on the front burner is: should Nigerian youths be given a chance to demonstrate their leadership agility?

Although, I may not state categorically my position on this but with the outcome of this write-ups, one should be able to decipher what am up to on the poser raised.

Today, Nigerian youths have been giving a lot of chance to demonstrate their leadership prowess through many platform but majority of these youths have failed while only few have succeeded in this opportunity given to them. You may ask me how, leadership comes up via any platform, be it, schools (Primary, Secondary and Tertiary levels) religious organizations (Churches and Mosques), Associations, Clubs, Organizations, but the outcome of some of the leaders have been bad and shameful that those who elected or appointed them often regret placing such persons in the position.

Although, these failed individuals cannot be said to have represented the large population of youths, and there are other youths can do better if given the chance. I agree with this position, but a opportunity given out and mismanaged cannot be regained in whatever means, as it may take. You may ask any of politicians why they keep recycling old politicians in their cabinets, and not appointing youths to taste them. There is 80% probability that the reply will commensurate with what have said here; as this is a research vividly done as a youth who also detests the low proportions given to youths in the government of the country.

Take for instance, the leadership of National Association of Nigerian Students (NANS), what has been their impact in lives of Nigerian students, is it not that the body doesn’t have leaders, don’t they have budgets to cater for their students, don’t they have strategies to reach out to the students, these are many questions, but its not that the body doesn’t have any of these but rather it has decided to keep mute and be on lookers no matter what is happening to students throughout the federation. Despite, the crises in our institutions a month ago, what step did out NANS took towards interfering in the situation? They didn’t hold press conference, write an advertorial on it. Rather they keep mute, are these the crop of youth leaders we claim to have in Nigeria?

Few weeks ago, a good friend of mine posted on Facebook, an issue relating to this piece (that even prompted me to write this but I replied him that, some of our youths are even corrupt than these politicians, more tribalistic than these politicians, more downtrodden than them, and I will rather keep voting for these same politicians than voting for any of these youths.

In this respect, many of our youth organizations have failed towards bringing youths together and building in them leadership capabilities and strategies, what it take to be leaders, how to face challenges as a youth; but rather they keep on praising and eulogizing the politicians because these are people who fund and sponsor them. Can anyone from one of these failed youth organizations come out and decide to be a governor or president and peradventure, he won, what will be fate of his people at end of the day? Many have the mentality of if given a chance to rule, they will amass wealth, is that sort of people we decide to have at helms of affairs in the country?

With this write-up, am not antagonizing the proportion of the faithful ones among the Nigerian youths, but as earlier stated, what will be the date of others, when those tested at the beginning has failed the remaining?

In conclusion, there is nothing that does not have solution, no matter how bad it is, and as a result, solution relays out to Nigerian youths who needs it. Let’s take cue from favorite and good Nigerian leaders, who have made impact in the country, by reading books on them, by this we develop our good phase of leadership, attend leadership seminars or symposium where experiences are being shared by experienced people in the leadership platforms, also you can be leader in every situation you find yourself.

God bless Nigerian youths!!

Samson Uwala

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