Like a bird hovering around,

Through thick and thin,

I struggle for a living,

Reluctantly perching on trees,

I am extremely attentive.

I have got a keen vision,

I see through soaring eagles mile away.

Like Abraham Lincoln,

Whose vision was to save the union and free the slaves.

A vision big and focused,

Yielding big results,

I am fearless,

Never surrender to the strength of my prey.

It will always give a fight to regain its territory,

My instinct is to protect that which I love and cherish

I am tenacious,

A high flyer.

I never mingle around with pigeons.

I fly, waiting for opportunities to strike my next prey.

When the storm comes, I spread my mighty wings,

And glide with the current of the storm.

I soar to greater height using the current from the storm,

I love to take challenges, not grumble like a pigeon.

I am brave, I am powerful,

I have got pride,

I am an eagle.