“Health is wealth” is a common saying by most health advocate, but it can be argued the other way round that “wealth is health” man evolves round what he eats, like if one drinks beer too much he is inclined to have pot belly and dry gin has the tendency of making one dry and thin.

But having a good diet goes a long way in maintaining a good health and an enviable body structure. Good diet also helps in building the immune system and also fight disease and body contamination.

However, bad dieting is the most common form of eating whereby we eat greedily and deliberately eat junks like chocolate, butter, burgers, canned beef and a whole lot of highly concentrated food that encourage unwanted growth or evolution of particles and cells in the body.

Although dieting conditions may be different for all individuals and body types there are still some dieting habits that are out rightly bad, studies show that eating lets say – fish and processed meats, packaged meals, preserved food and sugary snacks – may likely cause higher rates of depression, stress, bipolar disorder and probably anxiety. Even the continuous consumption of unhealthy diet can lead to the development of mental health disorder like ADHD, Alzheimer disease and Schizophrenia or increase risk of suicide in young people.

The most basic and general way to maintain an healthy diet is by eating varieties of fruits and vegetables (African vegetables are very rich in vitamins), cooking meals at home, and reducing your fat intake and sugar intake . If you have already been diagnosed with a mental health related problems or disorder like anxiety depression and so on, eating well can be more helpful to help manage your symptoms and regain control of your life.

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