African countries are mostly regarded as developing Nations even though they surpass most world powers in some aspect of the economy and man power.

All developed countries all over the world are where they are owing to the fact that they all started out with industrial revolution, which is the biggest gamble against nature in history. Countries like China, America, and almost all European countries built their economy strength almost destroying the world.

The industrial revolution that still very much dominate the world now due to the fact that technology still pay homage to carbon emitting fuel sources that is a threat to the world. As an average person in a  developed country generate or emit over 2 metric tons of evil gasses (Green House Gases) per year compared to the under developed or so called developing countries which rate of emission is ridiculously lesser.

It’s an irony that countries emitting these gases are not even getting many effects from it except for losing some beautify landscape like ice glaciers to heat. Most African countries are also guilty but less guilty in this global crime however are the ones been punished hardly by Nature forces and the world look in sheer empathy.

Ethiopia and other North African countries have recorded their worst drought this 21st Century than any time in history. Malawi, Uganda and other eastern and central African countries suffer from flash flooding and drought causing food shortage and malnutrition among citizens especially kids.

According to Constance Okollet who was the chairperson of the Osukuru United Women’s Network of Eastern Uganda was confirmed to have said ‘she used to have a normal life while growing up as a child in her village, they didn’t go hungry, they knew the seasons will come as predicted, they know when to sow and they know when to harvest’ but according to Mary Robinson former President of Ireland who spoke at a TED Talk last year, as at the time of her talk, they have nothing but drought and flash flooding to destroy their harvest.

In West Africa Nigeria, it’s a similar issue farmer’s folk I converse with claim they can’t tell the seasons again, some even think the Nation should go fetish to let the oracle tell the seasons. Currently West Africa faces a luminous amount of Sun flare than any they’ve been experienced in the region irrespective of the huge deposit of rain forest in the region.

Guilty as Africa maybe, Africa and the middle east owns over 65% of the world oils deposit but consume only a ridiculously insignificant amount of it but sells the rest to throat sucking industrialist converting the fossil fuels into energy.

Africa however developing on a better scale compared to other countries at the time of inception (counting after colonization), perhaps if Africa had been left to develop on its own, She wouldn’t even be any close to eating the out of the corporate porridge of Nature criminality.

Developing without emissions will be a corporate challenge for African countries, all though they’ve succeeded so far in not over emitting like other continents do for the so called greater good (developing the economy and creating more jobs). Africa also need to maintain the trend, even if the price they have to pay for it is low employment rate, turning down FDI from environmentally dirty companies like SHELL, and other energy exploration companies, poor oil prices, low exchange rates and sometimes lack of international support.

Currently Africa suffer unequal share in Global Warming effects affecting the world, but by only maintaining little or low emissions can Africa really survive these effect, else, Africa is a sinking continent.

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