We live in a world today where following trends and wanting to be like people is now a norm and has really made so many people lost their real identity of who they are in the bid for acceptance in our society.

With this one need to examine the subject of “Identity” as a matter of urgency, to retrace who we are, what we are created for and to avoid

the mediocrity of everyone wanting to become just somebody.

The question that comes to mind with this is, if we all become like somebody who then will become like us?

Identity is one unique quality that distinguishes, distinct, and separates us from other people. It makes us totally different from other people and stand out even in the midst of the crowd.

Identity is needed in every area of our lives even in our profession; it shapes who we are. In a gathering of youth where this issue of identity was discussed, the speaker, Mrs. Biola Adeyoola noted; “let your identity influence your profession and not your profession influence your identity.”

Some of the tweets below are the views about identity from the gathering;

Mrs. Biola said to discover one’s identity, there are certain factors that influences us as an individual; our parents, education, peer group. But it comes to a certain stage in one’s life that once a person attains majority they must own the process of molding their identity. In owing the molding process “I am not advocating rebellion, but introspection.” An individual is ultimately responsible for their life decisions in spite of early influencers.

She also express that there are qualities one must keep ensuring our identity is not dismay, emphasizing on honesty, uprightness and justice.

However, we should understand that our identity defines who we really are, and who we are is a matter of what we become, let’s keep on our true identity and don’t try to be like everybody.

Be You!

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