Management is an integral part of people’s organization relationship; management is fundamental to effective operation of work in any organization. Many executives believe management to be a one man skill but forget it is a decision everyone must make………….


Management is tasked to improve ways organizations are managed and to also build the extent of internal relationship of co-workers even within top executive officers.

Everyone in a business environment has some choice whether or not to do something or some extent of control, let’s just say everybody have a bit of personal decision to make that may affect the organization in a way.

But sometimes, we are concerned with management as involving people looking beyond themselves and exercising formal authority over activities and performance of other people, check mating how their sense of choices and decision affect the whole team managed.

According to the American Institute of Management “Management is used to designate either a group of function or the personnel who carry them out to describe either an organization’s official hierarchy of the activities of men who compose it, to provide autonomy either labor or ownership.”

But that’s too complex to grasp in a flash. Parker Foilet simply explained “Management as the art of getting things done through people.” In the simplest form, Management is your ability to make people make decisions that affect your desired success.

Management is also a process that can’t be achieved alone. it requires series of actions and participation like planning, organizing, leading, controlling and many more.

Many management model of the past are centered on authoritative dictatorship which is still very much present in self-owned business nowadays. Most past business managers are experts in strategizing and implementing alone without the permission of any co- worker that are down the line. Then a question is poised; who are they really managing?

Management can only exist if there is a team, not a group of people with disjointed goal or aims in mind. A manager must be careful to first align the team towards the organization’s core aim and objectives before drawing a strategy.

Management is quite dynamic in growth (yes management grows) a manager should be able to foresee the desired result or future but planning a one way strategy to get there might be a failure. A manager should be dynamic and some way also fluid in managing the team especially when towards a goal.

Well as much as a manager needs to be a team leader, he/she must also be a team player. There are sometimes when a manager faces crisis, he/she should be able to fall into place and even have a contingency plan of working alone to success.

But this bail out option is not part of management and also not available in all kind of sectors, some sectors the manager works harder than any other subordinate while other sectors, the manager is limited to supervising and ensures a proper working environment by building relationship, competitiveness and self-confidence in subordinates.

However the latter is the best practice of management and will promote quick implementation of desired results.