The challenges an average Nigerian student faces during the course of acquiring knowledge from all academic levels, primary, secondary and most especially the tertiary level, is beyond measures. This has left the educational sector of our economy still crawling as we youths can not even boast of having the quality of education enjoyed by our father’s and grandfathers.

We started examination about 4 weeks ago and I still have a paper left. I must confess, I’ve never experienced such a tiring and frustrating period in all of the years of my life. From my primary school level, to the secondary, through Arabic Institution years, to the most recent – my National Diploma years at the Nigerian Institute of Journalism. The maximum number of weeks I’d ever experienced for writing my exams is a two-week period, and by now I would already be at home with my family. Now that’s the most painful part.

The inability to be at home with my children. Being a student-mother can be a very though choice to make, thereby leading one through a toughened and challenging path (until after you graduate of course). But times like this makes me feel the weight more. Despite that I’ve been home to check on and spend quality time with my kids more than a couple of times during the period. I still feel like I should be home already.

However, my papers so far have all been awesome, we had CBT – Computer-based test for most of them and a few were taken as PPT – pencil and paper test. I offer nine courses and I’ve done eight exams, so I’m left with just one more to go and I can’t wait to be through. I’m already counting the minutes until I finally go home for my semester break which has been cut short already. Although, most students are through with their exams and have already started their holiday, only a handful of us are left on campus. Those waiting to write their last paper, and those writing their final project work/thesis.

To be honest, our examination period spanning this long was not pre-planned, except for some departments. Ours was due to the fact that some papers were postponed until later dates. We ended up having about 5 days interval between some papers, and believe me, that can be so frustrating to any student.

Need I mention here that I had an interesting experience during this period, the exam period has been interesting in many ways as you’ll find students in all manners of appearance. The make-up freaks that would not have time to apply even a lip gloss, unpressed clothes, bags under the eyes looks and different types of reading methods all practiced at once just before going in for a paper. But, the most interesting of this period was meeting a woman, Mrs. Adebayo, a final-year law student who is also a student mother. We were to write the general courses papers together as they were required by the university for a student to be able to graduate. What interests me most about meeting her was the realization that this could be me in the next 5 years. And in her, I saw a determined and relentless woman who after completing her first degree, proceeded to acquire a LL.B. Such people keep me moving, because they make me determined and also serve as a sort of assurance that it does not matter how far this journey appears today, by God’s grace, in the next 5 years I’ll get to where they are, and I’ll have a wonderful story to tell.

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