The thoughts of committing suicide after going through a situation that seems to be no solution. I mean, you see a man who is sick and does not know the cause of the illness, you see a woman who is in an abusive relationship, you see a man who wants to commit suicide because of a failed relationship, and then what happens, depression.
This and many things lead to depression. Life is hard, we all know and depression can lead to death, it can lead to self destruction. There are people who are using things like drugs, excessive women to relieve themselves of the depression.
Depression is not the problem; the problem is living in a society that is unaware of it. To be ignorant is the problem, people are dying every day because of depression and we fold our hands doing nothing about it.
Tell me why do you think the United Arab Emirate established a ministry of happiness, the truth is people are not happy and depression is having it way. People are losing their jobs due to the economic downturn, relationship problem, career problem, business problem, academic problems. I think we need to start talking more about getting out of depression, we need to create awareness on what to do when you or someone around you is feeling depressed.
Most times we mock peoples failure, lets take it to the student perspective, when a course mate has carry overs to deal with and then you are mocking that person it could lead to depression. We need to start minding our own business as well as helping others with their business instead of judging them. It is not good enough to just conclude on people when we don’t know what they are going through.
The people who are depressed most times get to that point, because they feel tired and helpless about a particular situation. If you’ve never been depressed you will never know how the trauma feels.
Words are so powerful, your positive words can go a long way, it is not enough to talk down on people. “You don’t know what I am going through so why will you talk me down or judge me based on what you see on the outside”; don’t talk down on people. We need to watch our words to create a depressed free environment. What does it takes to extricate positive words.
Recently, I heard the story of a man whose wife died and he started having an illness, and the doctor could not detect the cause of the illness. This man will stand on the road at the sight of any coming vehicle with the aim of committing suicide. That’s how it feels, the feeling of life having no meaning sets in, not being afraid of death, and most times the only thing that makes sense is death.
Life is a do or die affair, it is about living or dying, its about survival. The thought of dying might cross your mind, but that is never the solution. Depression is something you can fight, you can get out of it. Committing suicide is not the end, it is never the end. Death is not freedom, life is freedom.
We have psychologist who specialize in helping people who are trying to get out of depression. There are resources on the internet that can help you. You could read a book, watch a movie, at least that worked for me.  You could reflect on past achievement and ask yourself the reason you are still surviving.
We live a society that is capable of making her people depressed. I have decided to create my own reality.
The opinion or the way of life the society try to portray is capable of leading people to the ditch. The way out is for you to create your own reality, ask yourself questions that is capable of saving you. What was your dream when you were a child? What kind of future did you picture?
The people who survive in this world are those who fight to survive, if you give up that is the end. You die as a nobody, why not stand, fight and die as somebody? This world can never serve you well if you don’t fight. You have to fight it.
Most times you hear of the death of someone who was not sick and you wonder what happened? We’ve not been sensitive and I believe this is the time we need to be sensitive about this issue. Some of those road accident are as a result of depression; a depressed commercial transport driver, a depressed citizen trying to cross the road, a depressed student, you need to open your eyes to this reality to know the way out.
I am using this medium to call for every leader to take the happiness of her people very seriously. When I say every leader, I am not talking about politicians. I am talking about leaders of small groups to big organizations. The problems you can solve is very significant if you see to the happiness of your followers as a leader.
I heard people say Africans don’t commit suicide, well, it is not a thing of race, religion or colour. It is not about white or black, it is a personal problem we need to take serious. Your brothers and sisters are dying of depression and you tell me “lets not take it serious it is not an African problem.” If you want to help take away prejudice and understands it is a societal problem.
The problems we have now are not the ones our fore fathers went through, it is a new world. It is a different ball game. Stop the whole sentimental gender equality thing, it is not about being a man or woman. Men are dying of depression, women are dying of depression.
The way out is to stop thinking and start facing reality. People are dying of depression, you can do a lot to save someone.

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