I am finally home for the semester break. And as usual, home is a far cry from school. We were given just two weeks break, for those of us who finished our exams late, and I have spent a week already. Makes me wonder how time flies indeed.

Home is sweet, yes, it is. Especially when you’re spending your time at home with two little angels. Although, it has really been tasking, time-consuming (hardly do I have time for myself) and eventful. I have enjoyed every moment of it. This is a holiday I don’t really want to come to an end, unlike the unplanned one we went for when the school was shut down last month.

We are in the fasting period of my religion and that means a lot to me and countless other Muslims across the universe. And it also means extra work for a woman as well, especially one with kids. Though, I’m not exactly a routine person, being at home makes me become one, and it’s not so bad after all.

Despite that I have my hands filled most times with a duty here, and a chore there, I have been able to spend some time doing some research work. I have also had time with my poems and I have written some articles. In fact, I came across a research work on student-mothers during one of my Web surfing. It was an eye opener. Though, I know that studying at the same time as parenting is not limited to Nigeria or Africa. I have been able to realize that student mothers face the same challenges across the universe, from the United States of America to United Kingdom, China, Germany, Tanzania, Ghana or Nigeria. It is more tasking in the West as most of them (student – mothers) find themselves as single parent. But the fact remains that, a student-mother in Nigeria is the same as a student-mother in the US, we simply want to be successful.

It is remarkable to mention that, this period marked the passing of a great legend in the boxing field,  aka The Greatest, Muhammad Ali. Truth is I never knew him personally and I never really thought about him extraordinarily, except that I do hear of how much of a philanthropist he was, how good an activist he was and how much he loves Islam. However, his death opened my eyes more to his personality, especially after watching his tribute, which he still dedicated to teaching people across the world what unity, faith and perseverance is. He indeed is the greatest and I am glad I also have an “Ali”  in me. At least I share some things in common with him which include our love for poetry. May God forgive his shortcomings and admit him into paradise.

We will resume school in a few days time and this holiday has indeed been wonderful and eventful, though I have been spending all days indoors. It has brought me closer to my kids, especially the little one who is now a toddler, scattering everything in the house. I don’t wish it would not come to an end because I know it has to, so I can continue with my education and get through with it. But I will be counting the days until I go for another holiday.

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