Sarah is a little girl
With big dreams and small means
She’s an orphan
Even with her parents alive she was no better
In her eyes you’ll find innocence
But in her mind is a hill of experience
Engraved in her simple existence
She has a heavy heart for her small frame
With struggles that surround her everyday life
Weighty upon her is her very survival
Sometimes she sleeps astand
But wakes up each day
With another ray of hope
That tomorrow is another day
Which might hold something better
She refuses to give up on life
Or simply run into traffic
Like many in her shoes will
You can see her anywhere at any time
Could be at the marketplace or by the road side
Her appearance commands sympathy
Even from he whose heart is beyond pity
She’s always dressed in tatters
Because no one cares to give her hand me downs
Truth is I don’t know Sarah
But I see her almost everywhere I go
Because she’s that homeless girl

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