School has resumed for the second semester of the session, and lectures have started in earnest. But a lot of students are yet to resume, partly because of the Ramadan period and the Eid festival just around the corner.

I resumed a week after the initial resumption date, didn’t feel too eager to leave home for school, just like most students. Although, we have different reasons for not wanting to leave home. Mine is simply because of my kids. I miss them dearly already, despite that I’ve just left them a few days ago. I would have loved to spend more time with them, but there’s work to do at school too before we get into serious academic activities.

Some do ask me why I decided to go back to school despite having children, and why I’m away from my family in the process. The truth is, it was a tough decision to make. It didn’t come easy, but I know it has to be done, I know I have to be strong today to be able to reap a successful future. I know I have to sacrifice so many things, including my desire to be with my kids at all times, to be able to make my family proud tomorrow. And I also know that it’s not just about me, that others sacrifice in the process too, especially my kids. But it was a step that was needed be taken and a dream that needed to be lived.

I’ve read about a time when such a thing as a woman going to school cannot be heard. Then women were idling, uneducated and were simply baby-producing machines. That was a long time ago, now women are leaders, more educated, and more exposed to the ways of the world, and we know that we don’t just have to sit at a place and expect our dreams to be handed over to us on a platter of gold. We also know that there’s a price to pay for those choices, and we pay it, some might however end up being costly than the others.

I remember a discussion I had with a friend just yesterday, and I was asked if the five years I’m about to spend studying law is worth it. Then I replied, asking myself and directing it to the friend at the same time, that “What could I have done for the five years? perhaps pursue my journalism career, go into business alongside that, to make some money of course, spend more time with my family, the list could go on. But would I have been satisfied? No.”

I would not have been satisfied because I would not have been living my dream. And I would have let an ample opportunity slip me by despite the challenges that comes with it. I see this as an opportunity because I’m fortunate enough to have someone take care of my kids, it’s also an opportunity to be healthy and whole.

Lastly, any woman that finds herself living in this contemporary age should know it’s a great opportunity to pursue one’s dreams, as long as she does not incapacitate herself with limiting thoughts. So I’ll say to them, “what exactly are you still waiting for?!”

Watch that space for the next episode of the journal as it continues next week…

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