“Pray for the peace of Jerusalem: they shall prosper that love thee” – Psalm 122:6

Prayer is an essential tool in the life of a living soul, irrespective of the religion affiliation, be it Christianity, Islam or Traditional, we all have ways we tender our pleas to the Almighty God, with the belief that our prayers (or requests) has been answered. In this respect, many go to the extent of spending months, years in a secluded place to send their heart felt request to the Creator. Even though its a belief that, good things want prayer, even the one yet to be better also needs prayer.

Therefore, why do we spend time praying for ourselves, our families, works and other things, without remembering our country, Nigeria, in these prayers? Or have we forgotten that is the “suitability of a tree is the suitability of a bird” (Irorun igi ni irorun eye). As we all know that it is what we lay our hands on that we find a reasonable and progressing result at end of the day, so it is towards this issue of prayer.

I have seen people who doesn’t believe in praying for the country, as they will say, when it is time the country will develop and we will forget whatever we might be facing today as citizens, although, I believe that one day the country will rise from its present situation but we need an enabling force to geared it up towards attaining such step. Indeed, not that God isn’t aware of our predicaments as a nation, no He is aware, but He wants us to call unto Him, even as a respected clergy man, puts it years back that, the delay sometimes towards prayers is because God wants the needy or let me call it the helpless to face a drastic situation before He answers the prayer, in order for the person involved not to go back into what cause the situation earlier.

Many would advocate that prayers by Nigerians had been working for the country, to the extent that if not for it, we won’t be where we are now and we would have been totally demoralized; in the sense that it was the work of prayers that sustained the 2015 general elections and making former President, Goodluck Jonathan, to conceed defeat. Also the effects, has been working in the South Eastern part of the country, especially with the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) and also at the NigerDelta side with the Niger Delta Avengers (NDA), and the Fulani herdsmen marauders, which has not resulted into another civil war. I agree with this position and it is still with prayers of the “saints” that we are still the indivisible entity till today, despite the outrageous attempts by “enemies” of the country to make us divided. What a powerful effect of prayers in life of Nigeria and Nigerians.

However, we should still be keen on praying for the country no matter how much you’re been have doing that, especially as an individual, when you wake up for your morning prayer, in the afternoon and in the evening towards bed time. Even in religious gatherings, it is important to put this in our requests to God. And when doing this, we should remember to pray for our leaders, be it at the Federal, State or Local government levels, as this will aid in provision of God’s direction towards their activities and also to make suitable decisions that will affect the citizens positively.

Now, some States are unable to pay their workers salary, and some are ranging between three to six months, with workers in these localities making decision to embark on industrial actions, as some of these States governors have also been accused of not managing their state’s resources and this resulted into inability for them to pay their workers. Also this issue is currently affecting the Federal government, as it took it time to pay the May salary to her workers. What of the unemployment, insecurity, corruption cases, favouritism concepts, low educational factor in the country, among other things facing us as a country; these are what we need to table before Almighty God to help us resolve as a country. Its  a belief that, if Nigeria is great, then Africa would be great.

Nigeria needs to be developed in all faces of developments, to compete with other countries in terms of development, and be exporting not only importing goods. Although, gone are the days we export goods and not rely only on crude oil for means of income. Where is our pyramids of groundnuts, cocoa, rubber, oil palm and other items? We should also pray for these to be brought back together with hardwork to make this a reality.

Am imploring every Nigerians to rise up to the occasion in praying for the peace of Nigeria, and now that our dear Muslims are currently in the month of Ramadan, we should therefore remember to include our dear country in every points of our prayers, concerning her peace, progress, development, leadership, security agencies, educational factors, unemployement, social and infrastructural development among other things, which am not able to remember now.

To this end, let me put a finishing touch to what have already relayed out here, It will be well for Nigeria and Nigerians, Nigeria shall never be found wanting in the committee of developed nations, it shall be well with her. As for our leaders, the Lord will direct them in a proper way to lead us, the citizens, every effort that will intend to twist their focus towards growth of the country shall be paralyzed (Amen).

God bless Nigerians!

God bless Nigeria!!

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