At exactly 7.30am that morning, Tiwa resumed to work after a casual leave. She was looking so happy and radiant; at least she was going to leave home for work every morning now.
Funmi has been one of Tiwa’s close friends at the office. She was always there to brighten up her day but today won’t have very much brightening to do.
As she got to Spring Micro Finance Bank, she locked the car and entered into the banking hall.
On her way she met one of the receptionists at the entrance.
“Good morning Tiwa?”
“Morning Susan, how have you been? She asked absently
“Am fine o! We really missed you at the office” Susan brimmed
“I also missed you too. I can see you really enjoyed your leave earlier, stop teasing me jare”
“Lest I forget Rachael gave birth last week.”
“Wow a boy or a girl?” Tiwa was surprised
“she gave birth to a girl”
“When is the naming ceremony” she queried
“This Saturday”
“OK I would try to be there,I have to start going to my office” she said even forgetting Rachael was pregnant On her way to the office she stopped by to say hi to Funmi but she wasn’t on seat.
“Johnson kindly tell Funmi I checked on her when she around.” She told Funmi’s secretary.
As she got to the office she quickly said a short prayer and started preparing for the work ahead of her. She had a lot of document she needed to type and she also had to cross check some important document before it’s been addressed to the Human resource officer. By the time she finished the work on her table it was past 12.
She decided to take go and have her lunch now, she didn’t have breakfast this morning. The door opened and Funmi came in they exchanged pleasantries.

“I came to your office this morning you weren’t on seat, what happened?” standing and shuffling document on her table.
“I took Temi to the hospital he is having malaria,”
“hope he is better now?”
“yes he is” Funmi sighed “And how was your leave? I can see you enjoyed it because you are looking really radiant” Funmi smiled approaching her friend.
“Well how is Femi and Nifemi?”
“Nifemi is fine o and I think Femi should be fine” Tiwa answered non challantly
“Why that Tiwa? anytime you sound like this there is always a problem” Funmi probed further sensing a problem and later found out that Tiwa and Femi had been having issues in their home.
“Tiwa as a wife, you have to take things easy with your husband all these claims you laid against him might not occur to him as doing bad try to fix it, I mean try and talk to him and let see what happens, am sure you love your husband these are just one of the little sacrifices you have to make in your marriage” Funmi adviced sitting while Tiwa was standing.
“I would talk to him” she finally said. At the end of the discussion she felt at peace at least she had someone to talk to now she thought, ‘I think I really need to talk to Femi at least for peace sake, I don’t think I can continue being unhappy…..’ she thought to herself while eating her brunch alone

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