These past few days have been busy for me. We’ve resumed school after the Salah break and as usual, school activities is in full force, and I have my hands dipped into a lot of projects.
I’m glad I got to spend the Salah holiday with my family, I was especially happy after a day was added to the initial 2-day holiday by the federal government.

I had some remarkable experiences during the holiday. One was when my three-year-old  daughter told me and her dad that “daddy you go to work and mommy go to school all the time, you now leave only me and Nabeel at home, you don’t let us go outside”. We were shocked. I know she probably said it out of innocence and might not really mean it the way we see it, because she said it after I refused her to go outside our apartment to play. But it got at me.

We then sat her down and explained to her little wise mind that “daddy has to work so he can take care of you and Nabeel, and mommy has to go to school so she can work and also take care of you both.” I believe she was satisfied because she nodded her head all through and didn’t mention anything about it anymore.

The second was at an event. I met a young girl of about 17 or 18 years of age and we got talking. She reminded me a lot about me as a teenager, a very curious and shy being. At some point during our discussion, she asked me that “why did you decide to go back to school after your ND, why not just go find a job or do some business?” I smiled, because I remember I just had a similar discussion with a friend not too long ago. So I explained to her a little, and I opened to her the episode of this journal where I talked about the issue, she was impressed. We talked a little bit more and I left the event.

My encounter with this girl and her questions led me to think more about my situation. Truly, I could simply have pursued a career in journalism, find a business to do or better still, complete my Higher National Diploma in my initial field of study, the thought actually crossed my mind then. Instead I’ve decided to start over again, sitting in class with teenagers and also sacrificing being with my family, to get a degree in another field of study. But as Walt Disney’s quote says that “all your dreams can become true if you have the courage to pursue them”. And like I also inferred in the last episode,  that “a dream would remain a dream until you live it.” and I believe I’m living my dream by pursuing it.

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