Everybody wants to be successful. Do you know the first step to success is being positive? Your positive attitude can lead to your freedom, freedom from all shackles of negativity, freedom from poverty, freedom from failure.

We all have a part to play in making our community a better place, and better community starts with a positive environment. The bedrock to making Nigeria a great country is if we can all be positive about our greatness. The western guys boast about their greatness and how they dream of a better future for their country. We can all have a personal dream for Nigeria and be positive about it.

What has positivity got to do with this? Everything, if you are not positive you can’t make mind blowing decisions, because negative things only control negativity, you can never be successful when you have negative mind set in everything you do. Accept the fact that you must be true to yourself to be successful.

A positive man is always thinking of opportunities which arise around him, staying positive will help you a lot in the race for success. You can’t be thinking about robbing a bank and still think of becoming an entrepreneur, NO. As a youth, always be positive about yourself and your community.

The leaders you admire are people who are positive. I tell you if those people you admire are not positive about their dreams; they won’t be sitting at the top. And as long as you are negative, you will never sit at the top, that is the truth. You have to be positive.

Have you ever wonder why some politician will keep contesting for a position even after previous failure? It takes gut, it takes being positive. I want you to be motivated by the positive factors, ignore all the negative factors. You can and you will.