“Education is expected to free the mind so that one can free oneself from the strictures and inhibitions that arise from laziness, jealousy, prejudice, and arrogance.”

I came across the above quote during one of my web surfing about student mothers. And I know that education for a student mother can be more than challenging. Especially the ones who care for their kids themselves, because they prefer to or they simply have no one to help them with it.

I remember mentioning in some previous  episodes about what a tough choice the decision to become a student mother is, and also how challenging it can be along the line. I also mentioned in an episode  how these challenges are not only peculiar to Nigerians or Africans alone. Student-mothers face almost the same degree of challenges across the globe. What a student mother in the middle-east is going through, can be likened to that which an American or African student-mother faces. These challenges can only be lessened if essential provisions are made by the government, the school and the family for the mothers involved.

However, in the absence of such provisions, a student-mother can learn to cope with her situation by practicing these useful tips:


Determination they say, is the key to success. And for a student mother, determination is what would make you steadfast through the tough times you’ll be facing combining motherhood and your educational pursuit.


Learn to manage your time well. Know when your baby needs you and when you need to carry your books. Like a cousin of mine does, knowing fully well that she would not be able to read if her 16-month old baby is with her. She goes to the library immediately after class by 2 or 3pm, and leaves there by 6pm to pick her baby from the crèche, and that’s the end of reading for the day. Some other student-mother would prefer night-reading, when the baby and other family members would be asleep. The later works for me.


Ensure you don’t bring home worries to school, and do not take school worries home. You can also have someone to share your worries with or write them down in a journal. That might not work for everybody but it does work for me, by lessening the burden on my mind.


Endeavour to give yourself periodic break. It would help to ease up accumulated stress. You can go watch a movie at the cinema, stage play on campus, dancing session with friends or just a time out alone at the water-front. I do all these and believe me, it helps a lot.


When all else fails, try something new. If all the above does not work for you sit and ask yourself sincerely, what do I really want? How can I really make this work? Then try it out, if it doesn’t work, try it again and again until you find something that would works.


Yes! Never give up! Remember, there is no easy way to success.

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