He’s a student of the Federal University of Agriculture, Abeokuta (FUNAAB), also the President and Founder of The Catalyst Crew (TCC). Adewunmi Gbenga Olashile, shared his views with Samson Uwala on the upcoming training by his Organization, also on unemployment in Nigeria and how it can be reduced, enjoy the excerpts:

What is Catalyst Vocational School about?
Catalyst Vocational School is a free vocational training sch that is meant to affect lives, dreams and society at large. It is an arm of THE CATALYST CREW established as part of our vision to build youths business empowerment forum and inculcate business ideas to the Nigerian citizens for a viable economic standard. This is a platform where different skills acquisition/vocational/entrepreneurial skills will be learnt so as reduce dependency and unemployment rate in the country.

What bring about this project, Catalyst Vocational School?
This project truly came up as a divine instruction and not human imagination which is even in line with what the NGO TCC is into; humanitarian services and poverty alleviation programs.

Do you believe the rate of unemployed people in the country can be reduced by means of this sorts of vocational training and empowerment programs?
Sure! Though,  the vision God gave was that it should be a normal school section (vocational) but we have to start gradually as we don’t have a free space yet so we enlarge it to 1 month free with minimum of 10 courses next year. We promised to do some follow up on our students to make sure they start something and we as well planned an intensive business seminar on September 11 which we will be having business tycoons in our midst to invest knowledge and experience in them. The 2 weeks training will be 100% practical with all necessary equipment and materials available, and those courses will be handled by experienced tutors doing great and mighty in their profession. As it known that the rate of unemployment in the country is alarming and causing distorted growth towards the economy, so with all these plans, preparations and investments, I believe this will liberate them from financial complain which will  surely reduce the unemployment rate and will relief the government and private sectors of employment disturbance.

What are the skills intended to be trained on at this vocational training?
The intending skills are Cinematography, Creative and Graphic Design, Catering and Baking, Headgear tie and Makeups, Photography, Beads and Wire Works, and Events Management and Decoration which more are to be expected next year

There has been uncertainty about accommodation for people coming outside Lagos and Ejigbo, then how do you intend to deal with this challenge?
You are right because I have received lots of calls and messages on mail, WhatsApp and different platform asking if their will be accommodation but we can’t afford that for now. That only be possible if we can have a building of our own, then we create few rooms for them for to rest their head for that little period, but in this case the only option I give to them is that they gather themselves in their locations, volunteer a person for project manager who we can work directly with then we come there to carry out the training for people in that vicinity because we are not restricted to anywhere but it is a matter of a place we can easily access.

In regards to you reply to accommodation challenges, are you now saying those outside Lagos and Ejigbo, who can’t find accommodation should wait till the program reach their places, even though they have interest in attending the training?
People living within Lagos should be able to volunteer their transport fare if only they know what they are coming to learn and if they can see positive in it, but for those outside Lagos,  I implore any of them who we can work with for location access then we can promise to come to their vicinity.

Can you tell us something about yourself?
Am Adewunmi Olugbenga Olashile, popularly known as, Catalyst Gbenga, I am an agriculturist, Researcher, Entrepreneur, Libertarian, Public Speaker,  Blogger  (catalystgbenga.com.ng) and President/Founder of The Catalyst Crew. As I always say, my mission on earth is to AFFECT DREAMS, AFFECT LIVES which I have been doing through the NGO Almighty God has invested to my hand. I love activism and honesty as well dislike cheating and dishonest. Get to know more as you google catalyst Gbenga.