Last weekend was fun. That was for no other reason than because I spent it with my kids. It was one of those weekends that I would always reminisce about during my free moments. There was a lot to be reminded of, the little man already started walking and watching him find his way about in his wobbly legs is a quite funny scene.

I had spent two weeks without seeing them, and each time they crossed my mind, I tried so hard not to cry. I permitted myself to indulge in little daydreaming about them every now and then, especially when out of class or in my room, and also about what could have happened if had not decided to come back to school.

Going back to school was perhaps the toughest decision I have ever had to make in life, especially with an infant child. But the truth is, one is not just supposed to sit down and wait for his/her success to be handed over on a platter of gold. You work to attain it.

School has however been great so far. Being the second semester of the session, it’s filled with lots of activities like the hall week, traditional day, faculty week, costume day, among others. I only partook in the ones I know would not disrupt my academic time-table, because I already told myself I would not only pass through school, I would also let the school pass through me, in a positive way though. But if one is not careful, he/she can end up getting carried away by the buzz of activities on campus.

The semester is on its way to end. We have just a few weeks to the exam, though it appears far away because it’s still up to a month and half, but before we know it, it will be right there by our doorstep.

Now, it’s almost another Friday, and all I can think about apart from the test we might likely have on that day, is that I will be seeing my babies soon again, God’s willing. That enough keeps me going when all things else fails.

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