Many Nigerians are used to the believe that “corruption” is the biggest challenging issue affecting Nigeria this 21st century until the present administration fought it tooth and nails while unconsciously plunging the nation into more economic woes and other challenging dilemma tumbling down in domino effect.

As a nation, we’ve faced  worst challenging situation, coming out of some magnificent and sinking in the mire of others, issues like terrorism, economic downturn, foreign Direct investment irritation, failed exchange rate, poor education standard, deteriorating state of public infrastructure, lack of proper governing policy, pitching rise in unemployment and monopoly of economy.

All this challenges affects the average Nigerian in a way or more cutting across demographic strata, age, location and economics class. Although political leaders blame current challenging issues on a problem or two instead of the never willing attitude to take responsibility of their actions or inactions.

Any Nigerian with the knowledge of current discovered mineral and natural resources will continue to awe at the imbalance in the equation to wealth. Shall we say our resources is mismanaged or that the population of est. over 200 million Nigerians has outweighed the resources? (Even the untapped ones) It’s a pity that the exaggerated truth can’t be justified as we have our commonwealth being controlled by numbered few.

Shall we then say our most challenging problem as a nation is corruption? No, corruption indeed is a big issue and also a giant out of the hydra problem Nigeria face.

Every of these many problems Nigeria faces stem out of either of two trees. These trees have been innocently fertilized to barrenness which now cause a lack due to the under production of virtues that was expected to be in abundance. One of these two trees is of utmost importance because without it the other will just grow and never really flourish.

The first and most important is Leadership, while the other is Prosperity. Ever since the inauguration of democracy in Africa, almost all African countries suffer from a generic misdemeanor of bad leadership. However in the later middle of the 20th century, Nigeria and other African countries experienced a touch of good leadership with the first generational leaders, who were freedom fighters and anti – colonialist, they won the challenge but most of them were disillusioned with different political ideologies that they’ll like their country to follow and those that were not brutally short lived at the dawn of the independence era were aloof for the rest of their lives.

Since then, they’d been a lacuna in the leadership structure of Nigeria and her other allies, deteriorating in leadership quality tenure after tenure, making leadership a retarding quagmire and mentoring generations that follows with the knowledge of evil hereby encouraging the evil genius in Leadership aspirants.

Nelson Mandela once said “every now and then, a generation is called upon to be great, you can be that generation.” Tackling this leadership challenge will mean establishing and orienting institutions towards positive leadership and that and only that kind of Leadership will bring a long lasting solution to Nigeria.

However this kind of solution can only be implemented and exercised when educational institutions and other institutions take full responsibility towards changing the course of this nation. Educational institutions in Nigeria already adds Civic Education as a subject in basic and secondary education levels, but it’s a challenge for them to also add other leadership courses making them compulsory even till tertiary institutes and other professional studies so as to improve leadership traits and moral development among us.

Other full grown institutions however need to improve efficiency and work on reducing bureaucratic policies as its one of the factors that frustrates leadership.

Ending this piece without mentioning the other challenge of prosperity will be unfair as a nation without prosperity will worm in poverty which is imminent in most part of this country. Nigeria as a country is however in right part as the system of government in use supports even distribution of wealth but the poor leadership environment however makes poverty imminent.

However the government and wealthy individuals and corporate structure should be responsible for the growth and creation of institutes that promotes startups and innovations to flourish and grow without the pear or challenge of low capital or also working towards prosperity and even generation and distribution of wealth.

Concluding with the strong believe that if these long lasting institutions can be created defy time and seasons by growing and being modified day in day out, then the journey of our dream Nigeria just started, the Nigeria of every tribe, the better Nigeria.