Mysteries in Bamboo Village by Opeyemi Mattew Adejobi

Book Excerpt…………

Kakure and Shode, moved to another location hoping not to be found again. They settled into an abandoned building a few kilometers from their first hideout. Their relationship grows and they for the first time in a long time that they feel almost safe. Believing that they may be able to stay here for quite some time, not realizing that danger was just over the horizon.

The Bamboo boys worked their way back to Kakure and Shode’s first hideout. Not finding them they grow frustrated, but decide that waiting for them is worth a try. They spend several days staking the area out, working in shifts never leaving the place unattended. Kakure and Shode, never show back up. The Bamboo boys livid over losing two hostages retrace their steps and recheck the towns and village. Finding only the devastation they have left behind.

Everywhere seems to be in silent, not a single human passes by, most of them have been killed, and those that still live have run off to another location as far from the village of Bamboo as their feet can take them.

The Bamboo boys are still tearing through the place, in order to search for their escaped hostages. The pair will always have it in their mind that the so called boys will not be at rest until they discover their hide out, but they never realized that would be so soon

Happy and alone in the empty corridor of their new hide out, Kakure took Shode into his arms kissing her. She kissed him back with urgency, wondering what had taken him so long. They settled to the ground when the doors tore open and the Bamboo boys filed inside.

Immediately they stood up in shock, as they saw the unwanted arrival of the entire Bamboo boys camp in their midst. Shode screamed aloud for help. The entire gang of Bamboo boys and their main boss, burst into laughter seeing their escaped hostages acting like a fool kids, especially Shode as she keeps screaming. The leader chuckled. Telling her no one is left to help and she should stop making such a nuisance, in their presence.



This short story portrays series of committed crimes on Human trafficking, rape and domestic violence, in a small village called Bamboo. These tragic moments occur as a result of a lack of leadership. With no one to control the affairs of the people, it gives rise to local terrorists, in horrifying the lives of the Masses…..

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