This episode of Journal of a student mother, i will like to talk about how I was with my children last weekend and I just realized how much time flies. The little man is now a year old and my heart bursts with pride each time I think about him and his sister, like I’m feeling right now. Now he walks and plays like a “superman”, climbing the sofa and showing his tiny set of milk-teeth, even though I miss out on most of the fun, the little weekend moments we do have keeps my heart alive at all times.

I’ve been very occupied with lots of activities lately; academics, semi-academics, and personal stuffs. I couldn’t even make it home last weekend because of an assignment I needed to complete in order to be able to submit for the week. It was very engaging but at the same time interesting as it involves reading a novel and writing an analysis of it.

Just the other day I won a prize of two-year tuition fee scholarship, for a poetry competition I participated in, I presented the poem for a dinner/Award night and I came out first, I was so happy I felt like having my children right there at that moment, I want them to be proud of me, even though it might not make much sense to them yet. Although it was a joyous moment that lasted only a night, but the memories would remain with me till eternity.

I’ve also had to cope with managing some blogs and writing for some other websites, coupled with my little businesses, as an student(entre)preneur of course. All these I try to balance and to ensure they fit in well into my primary reason for being in school, as that is the most important thing here.

All in all, exam is right by the corner, but all I can think about right now is the festive holiday we’ll be going for in a few days time, another great opportunity to spend quality time with my family. I promise myself I’ll start thinking about exam after the E’id festival.

Please ensure you don’t miss the next episode as I have a very tthrilling story to share.

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