Many people expect an entrepreneur not to have a resume, the question “who is he/she going to submit it to” I don’t know too, but they do have too.

Although most entrepreneurs are founder of their respective companies and run roles in their establishments but it will surprise you to know most entrepreneurs leave their CV’s or resume outdated.

Think of a company with a CEO for like ten years, Yeah running a company can make you lose focus of other things, like family or let’s say even starting another business.

Although Entrepreneurs like Elon Musk may have impressive CV’s after moving from one company to another – moving from PayPal to Tesla and many still continue moving.

Entrepreneurs sometimes do community service or form Activism causes in the name of giving back to the society – it might be owning a community club or chairing a board of another company, some buy shares in other company and may therefore become board members in proportion to the interest they represent in the company like Bill Gates’ Microsoft owning a little part of Facebook and other meaningful startups even competitions and they have this all on their companies portfolio somewhere so also if its individual, it’ll be in the individual’s portfolio which will be his/her resume.

Sometimes being a member of an Advisory Board can be a plus, as an Entrepreneur, you’ll have many things to use your advice for, some mentee will be skeptic about going into business and call you to be the core or framework of his company by giving advice, all this can be added to a resume.

Even a TED Talk can feature on your resume, but its necessary you include if you’d made meaningful impact in other speaking platform like the Platform, TechCabal Tech Week, and other notable platform – but this comes with the exception of picking only the best, one or two is okay.

Having all this in a Resume/CV, An entrepreneur should be able to boast of a standard CV although there’s nothing much you might want to use it for, but for running for public positions or sometimes even assessing one’s worth or when reading a brief about you before an introduction, you’ll want people to know a bit of who you really are before getting to meet you in person – yes that’s what a Resume/ CV really does.

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