Economic studies show steady decline in unemployment in Nigeria from 2014 till date. Economic policies at the federal level still prove unproductive towards alleviating the deteriorating state.

Many students are however oblivious of the truth recurring like a decimal point in recent times where big multinationals not only stop employing but retrench workers to effectively fit in to the economic crisis currently going on in Nigeria.

In the midst of this hard time, some businesses still thrive better and gain more to their cash reserve. In business history, it has shown that the best revolutionary companies hit the profit margin during harsh economic climes.

Many retrenched, unemployed, fresh graduates and undergraduates still feel depressed lamenting on the economic woes while new revolutionary, innovative and status-quo-crunching startups take the risk towards changing their profit margin.

Though most revolutionary entrepreneurs have had their low moments which might have ignited an action towards the million dollar idea that made them into what they are now.

Graduates have little or nothing to do with their unemployed status as family and friends now depend on them as a financial source. However, undergraduates, who still in a way depend on families and other support groups to fund his/her education may still have a way to succeed in a business when already indoctrinated in an entrepreneurial habitat.

This is however a challenge to tertiary institutions across Nigeria as they do little or nothing towards the growth and infiltration of entrepreneurial movement. In other climes, educational institutions set up funds, grants and seed capital for students’ conceived ideas. Global companies like Google, Microsoft and DELL got support from their respective educational institutions toward the growth of their startups.

Although most Nigerian tertiary institution will claim to have little or no funding from the government, but they still do little toward supporting entrepreneurial projects, programs and events. This has however challenged some corporate and Non-governmental Organizations towards taking the risk of improving the deteriorating condition of unemployment in the country.

NGOs like Thrive Shuttle Initiative (TSI) – a student based platform with the vision of bridging the lacuna the government is unintentionally creating for national development believe until there is conscious efforts towards alleviating entrepreneurship, the need for entrepreneurship will still be felt.


However, NGOs like TSI in time pass are reputed for entrepreneurship drive by inspiring undergraduates. Most times finalists- towards going through the risk taking process of entrepreneurship. These are active energy other NGOs related in this field should emulate.

Howbeit, if other support group, be it private or public can also try to help manage the interlude in transitions by giving opportunity for internship in reputable organizations for fresh graduates. This puts them (students or fresh graduates) at an edge as they are exposed to real corporate world experiences before National Youths Service Corps (NYSC) or Industrial Attachment for Students? Industrial Work Experience Scheme (SIWES).

More so, if a platform like this is already in place for students to tap from, it may be an ample opportunity for challenged Nigerian youths. In general, it helps encourage and boost entrepreneurial spirit amongst young minds.

The drive to enlighten the youths on government decision and how to exploit the opportunities in this situation informed this edition, *the* *Relocate edition*: Redefine, Explore, Learn, Observe, Collaborate, Aspire, Transform and Endure. This is structured with the aim to promote social change and national rebirth, thereby improving theemployability and entrepreneurial capacity of Nigerian graduates and those at the verge graduation.

A paradigm shift is however innate in TSI movement towards rethinking the future in its RELOCATE Edition coming up this September 24th, 2016 at Oduduwa Hall, Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife. According to the program organizer Oluwasegun Ayilara, This year’s consideration will be centered on Benefiting from the Pendulum Swing (Oil-based to Agriculture), Human Capital Development: The Local Content View, The Role of the Bank of Industry (BOI) in Nation Building & Job Creating Opportunities, Innovative Approach to Life after School, Self exploration & Development, Creative Thinking & Decision Making, Personal Brand Management, Technology for Sustainable Enterprises, Enterprise and Creating your Own Employment. This year’s TSI is at the top gear to clear the confusion many undergraduates are faced with as to what next after graduation and also, give them a footing in the fierce competitive Corporate World.


Sometimes in life, little things might be the deciding factor towards great advancement in life. However in the pursuit for success, risk taking is the central idea and going for a program like this might just be the beginning of risk taking as a studentpreneur. Feel free to be part of this visit

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