I will like to first and foremost tender an apology to the “commurados” that will come across this write up. By the word “commurados”, I mean non-kegites. I am only trying to pass a message across to the world through this means-kegistic language.

By Balogun Oluwalonimi Mayowa

I must as well say that I am not justifying all the kegites’ activities, neither do I condemn all their karid articulation.

I was once a Comrad (kegite) in that great Iyla du Lacoed (xyz Shriner 11)… To the gods.

I am writing this piece to call for “National peace”. As part of the kegites’ term, we need to “mekue for national peace”. That is, we need to stay calm, and let peace reign.

Though, I was “transformjara” (initiated) in AOCOED, yet I can relate with any other Kegite elsewhere in the whole galagala (world). It’ll only require me of firing the languagi and I’ll be watered (responded).

We meet on Thursdays in the Shrine to gyrate (rejoice) with each other. The opekesis (ladies) and the opakasis (boys) would usually sanbalidate to the center of gravity. With our holy water (palm wine), emblem (calabash), tapiko/regalia (uniform with cap) and our ever vibrant songs from the songitos (singers)!

Hmm, what a wonderful experience then with this unique open cult !

Kegites’ seeks for peace. By this, an Iyla du Akete (Lagos State University) can easily relate with those in Ilya du Galagala, or Iyla du Lagoon (UniLag) !

What we do say as slogan is, ” Unity in Diversity ” ! By this, we mean that, wherever we may find ourselves in this galagala, we must be one. We must be united. Regardless of our different Iylas (Kegites’ Club in Institution) or Convergence (Kegites’ Society outside School), we are still one. We can eat and drink palmmy together. Why, because the gods are very ja.

Am a Yoruba Kegite. If I find myself in Hausa land today amidst brothers. It will only require me to fire the languagi. We never allow tribe, or religion to affect our unity. We don’t even allow our background or financial status to come negatively between us. It is always, a “Unity in Diversity.”

Let me quickly come down to Nigeria today. We have allowed tribalism to affect us. When you go for job employment, your qualifications may not be considered first. “Your tribe please?”

In Nigeria today, we have allowed religion to affect negatively our national peace. If the President is a Muslim, there is 80% assurance that all his cabinet members will be of his religion.

We have by ourselves made our precious nation unsafe and insecure.
Boko Haram in the North, the Avengers in the South. Killings and kidnappings in all the six geo-political zones.

Unity is not in the land anymore. Our unity has been traded for selfish interest by our political leaders which most of them are nothing but “Akuya!”

Nigeria can be better once again, if we can borrow the real concept of Unity in Diversity. This unity is not self-centred, rather, it is collective. It only requires you of saying your language (I am a Nigerian), and we keep moving.

With this concept, we can wine and dine together regardless of our religions and tribes.

I look forward for a country where we can boldly stay together in unity regardless of our differences.

We are one.

Let’s be united!

God bless Nigeria!


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