As sun set, it is the rushing hour to return home after a long day hustle and bustle. It is obvious that this is the best hours for some to make money as customers patronize to pick and pay according to their needs along the road. That is how traders earn their daily income in Lagos.

Some road-side sellers in Lagos, Nigeria has seen the close hours to be the best time for marketing due to the belief that buyers may not be able to patronize in the morning in order to avoid lateness at work or to their destination. So, they use the night hours to buy their wants.

Chibuzor Emeka, who sells jeans trousers, revealed that he prefers the night market rather than day-light because it gives him more money to take home.

He said: “When people close from work, most of them buy my goods before they go home because they don’t have time to do that in the morning and that makes me to enjoy night market than morning.”

One of the buyers Aminat Ojo also said she likes the night shopping because that is when the sellers bring out their best products in affordable prices.

“The night market is for you to bend and select the best products that they have been keeping since the daytime in cheap money,” she explained.

But, looking at the dangers of selling at the road-side not to talk of night creates  congestion in some area like Agege, Ikeja, Ojodu-Beger, Ikorodu bus/stop and some other notable areas in Lagos for motorist and pedestrians. That is why the state government has established an agency called “Kick Against Indisciplines (KAI)” who have worked excellently to stop this act for safety.

When you asked must of these sellers the reason why they sell on the road? Their comments is always refers to the situation of the country and the level of poverty around us today.

Moreover, the issues of accident clearing many life’s at the road-side as made the Lagos state government discourage any act of selling beside the road be it day or night because when motorist swap from left to right and right to left which sometimes their vehicle brake is out of control and when this happen must people affected are the road-side seller; this as caused many of them to visit the ghost land untimely.

The Government has also build markets and plaza for people to rent shops to sell their goods and services, but they will never go there because they said “It’s too expensive for common men.”

Speaking on this note is Ayobami Akinwande, a foot-wear seller who expressed that, she wants to own a shop but, it is too expensive for her and the government is not even helping the matter at all. The government owned plaza or market shops is sometimes expense than the money they pay to sell at the road-side for hoodlums or tout.

However, it has been view that most of this people are also not happy in the condition they are presently but they have no choice because, survival is the key to take-care of their family. Pick and pay of customers is their joy and daily income. They also want to have a shop but it’s more expensive so they stay by the road to sell because life is all about risk for everybody.

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