Are you convinced that your boyfriend loves you because he leaves his phone with you? You might be making a very big mistake. It is hard to find a man who is hundred percent faithful and committed to his woman, it only takes the grace of God to find such rare gems.

It is true that trust is a major instrument for building a successful relationship, but when your boyfriend leaves his phone with you often does it mean he is faithful?

Now, let’s reason together. What if your brother has another phone and sim card, he uses to connect with his numerous girlfriends asides the phone that you know he has and the number he gave you? You are not always together and cannot monitor him except you are extremely smart and sensitive. He can as well tell you that a job partner called him to come around for a business discussion and he ceases the opportunity to hang out with other ladies.

One of my friends told me that he is good at leaving his phone with his girlfriend whenever he is going out to see another girl in order to avoid suspicion. This happens because certainly, the other girlfriend does not have the number of the phone with his girlfriend and so the boy can easily have his way.

Honestly, for me, I will say when a man begins to leave his phone for you as his girlfriend, you need to sit up because all might not be well and there might be a skeleton in his cupboard. Christopher Columbus quoted “you can never cross the ocean unless you have the courage to lose sight of the shore”. Never believe that love is blind because love sees. You can only pretend not to be aware for a while.

If a man truly loves you and is truly faithful to your relationship, he doesn’t have to leave his phone with you to prove it. His words also does not count as there is this saying that “Action speaks louder than words”. Though, some guys are very good at pretending, their expression and action can reflect faithfulness, but within them they are not. Ladies have fallen prey a lot in the past and I hope this little piece will help them adjust.

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