This is a very crucial topic that must be deliberated upon as a lot of ladies are making very great mistakes ignorantly.

Should I insult or fight my boyfriend’s ex-lover? The answer to this is a very bold NO. Why should I? For goodness sake, I do not know when they started and how they ended. So long as I have my man to myself and we have our objectives set, I have nothing to worry about, all I need to do is to always remember him in prayer committing him always into Gods hands.

Be a lover not a fighter but fight for what you want. Fighting for what you want does not mean insulting or fighting your boyfriends’ ex-girlfriend. Fighting for what you want or who you love requires maturity, patience, understanding, belief and trust. So long as your boyfriend pays attention to you and attends to your needs as he ought to, you don’t need violence.

Let’s dig deeper. Most guys give their phone to their girlfriends to answer their ex-lovers call and tell her off. My dear ladies, if you actually succumb to that, you have missed it and you will be breaking your relationship without knowing it. Never you make the mistake of answering your ex-lovers call and telling her off. Wow! Come to think of it this way, you call your ex-boyfriend, his new girlfriend without knowing your reason for putting a call across to him answers the call and tells you off- how will you feel? Before piercing someone with a needle, pierce yourself first in order to know how it feels.

Whenever your boyfriend gives you his phone to answer his ex-girlfriends, simply tell him to answer the call and say whatever he wants to say to her in your presence. You know why? It is because after you answer the call and tell the lady off, when you leave, he will call her back, apologise to her and even say all sort of things about you to her.

Some things can be avoided, but out of ignorance, we choose not to avoid them. If you give your boyfriend such an answer, he will get scared and also respect you for that. Let him know that you came into his live as a lover, not a fighter or an intruder. Even when his ex-girlfriends comes around, act matured, be friendly, introduce yourself politely and continue with what you are doing. Be welcoming and accommodating at all times but, never forget to always pray for your boyfriend.

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