Why failure is good

Failure is good, it is good for life, for business, for individual. We should stop thinking the world has ended because we failed.

Some of you have been stigmatized, criticized, chastised for your failure, just know everything still boils down on you. Whatever you are told at that junction of failure whether good or bad, it should make you thick.

Failure is a blessing. It makes you realize the people who are important in your life. When you are succeeding you see a lot of friends hanging out with you, when you fail, they leave without no trace. You don’t need those kinds of people in your life. If it is only one person who stood by you when you failed, stick with that person for life.

Some people are happy for your failure, good. Let them be happy. You only need to make sure they regret laughing at you. You will be surprised people you least expect to laugh will be the ones Broadcasting your failure. When you come back to succeed, you will go back to tell them.

You should not use your failure to your disadvantage. You should use it to your advantage. Why did you fail? What should I change? What do I need to do better? Ask yourself sincere question, it annoys me when people can’t be true to their self especially when they are alone.

Learn from your failure at all times. Failure is an opportunity to do better, it is a privilege to learn. You should not fail and start feeling depressed and sorrowful, the end is the most important, not the beginning, not the middle, it is the end. It is a process; you can still do better in as much you are in the process.

You are not the first to fail. A lot of successful people today had failed at one point or another.Thomas Edison was a total failure earlier in life, he rose to become the greatest inventor, Abraham Lincoln contested to become America’s president several time before he was elected and become one of the best president in America. We have a lot of great people who were tagged as failure and they turn out to be the most successful.

Never believe in failure. That we failed does not make us a loser, it is what distinguished us from the others. As a matter of fact, our life is a story of success and failure. Some of you your parent condition when they were raising you were not palatable, look at where you are today.

You only need to proof to yourself that you are not a failure. Some of us spend our time thinking we need to prove to people what we truly are. You don’t need to prove anything to nobody, you only need to prove to yourself.

Strive to be unstoppable. I have read a lot of biographies. Most of the most successful men in history reach that height as a result of their determination amidst mocking and failure, they strife to be unstoppable.

Always remember what you have been through. If you can get here you can get anywhere, remember what it takes to get here. You failed a course in school, your businesses failed, you were laid off, remember if you can get this far you can still move forward.

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