We live in a world where people camouflage happiness. It is not easy to find a person who is truly happy.

Happiness is a good thing to have and everyone desired it, we can become happy with little things. But it is becoming hard today to become happy. We have a lot of people who complain about the nature of their job, their school and other things.

The stuff you complain about will not make it easy for you to find happiness.

The truth is happiness is something that comes from within, what determines if you are happy is not things that comes from the outside, but things from within. Though, outside factors affects a man’s happiness.

  1. Be grateful for everything you have. A lot of people are not happy, because they think they have nothing to be grateful for. You have a lot of things to be thankful for, tell me what God have not gotten you through. The fact that you are still breathing is something to be thankful for. If you want happiness, practice gratitude, be grateful for what you have.
  1. Set goals and go after them. When you set goals and go after them the results will give you happiness. Most of these things are affected by little things that count. You might think this don’t count, because you have not try it. Tell me when last did you set a goal, how did you feel when you achieved that goal?
  1. Make good friendship. It is not enough to have a network of professionals, social media friends and acquaintances. Make real life friends you can trust. The truth is real life friends can be more helpful, they can be blessings. Don’t just focus on your business partners, they cannot be like real friends, they will only talk to you about the business. They might not even know if anything is wrong with you because you discuss business. But real life friends can come handy; he or she can even be a good adviser.
  1. Be an active Giver. It is not only good to give, it is joyous to give. When you give there is a sense of joy from within. It is a rare happiness if you are giving sincerely and deeply from your heart. Some of the happiest people I know are people who give, it is not only money you can give. You can give your time to someone, you can give your service to someone, you can give anything. You will be shocked how happy the outcome will be.
  1. Be what you want to be. There is nothing wrong in wanting to take a course in law and running a business if that is what you want. We have some people who love their job and they are happy with it. Stick there if you are happy. But 99% are not happy, so I tell you to find something you love to do and be the king there.

This are the just a few things you should consider for lasting happiness.

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