You don’t need everybody before you do something big or something great, you need a few people.

It is better to have small circle of people you can trust anytime any day than for you to have a large group of friends you are not sure you can trust.

It was Fidel Castro who said if he was to start a revolution again he will start with a limited number of people. When he began revolution in Cuba, he did it with a lot of people, later in his life he concluded that he would have started with a few people.

Castro escaped over hundred assassinations attempt. And I am sure some of them will be masterminded by his Allies. People he relied on, people who are in his circle.

It is better to keep your enemy closer to you than for you to keep a friend close. In other words keep your enemy closer than friends. A former enemy is more useful and loyal than a friend. You should learn the principle of making your enemy your friend.

People will continue to be here even when you die. This is your life; you need to make decisions that are good for you. Anybody who does not fit into the decision you make for yourself should go, you should let them go.

Some people come into our life not to stay there forever, they are temporary companion you need for the present, and a time will come when they leave you. People don’t get this fact, so they want to stick with each other, when their time is up you need to unfollow them from your life.

When someone doesn’t add any value to your life, so what is the essence of sticking with them? You don’t add any value to me, take your bag, pack your shit and leave. It is that simple, you must place premium on value.

The moment I sense distrust, your days are numbered in my life. I hate it when I can’t trust the people that are the closest to me. The closest people in your life should be trust worthy.

Who are the people closest to you right now? Do you feel secure around them? Do you doubt them? Are you just with them, because people already know you together? The closest people to you are very important, especially the three people that are the closest to you.

If you are the smartest in the room you need to leave that room. If you are the smartest in the class you need to change your class. You should be around people you can learn something from. It is better to be the fool in the room than for you to be the smartest. It is not a wise thing if you can’t learn anything new from your circle.

The people you let into your life represent you, people know you with them. So who are you going to allow to represent you, are you going to allow fake people represent you? People don’t really know this, but if you are choosing someone choose someone who can represent you anywhere, anytime, any day.

If you want to know why a man is very good, go and check the people he is hanging out with. Have you ever notice; when you keep company with someone for a long time, there is tendency for you to emulate some characteristics of that person.

This article does not intend to attack anybody or to start an argument, I just feel this are some reasons you need to unfollow some people in real life.