Ahead of 2017, many people are preparing so well as to what they want to do and what they wish to achieve in the coming year, some even call it “my new year resolution” but above all, we all want to do better in the coming year than we might have done this year. Especially for youth who are seen as the future of tomorrow, they might wonder and pounder on what the coming year would look like, considering what to do to help themselves and the nation at Large.

But to set this resolution or plan towards achieving a more fulfilled year than the previous one, here are five factors you need to help you put into considerations;

  1. Set achievable goals: New Year resolution should be set in line with what an individual can achieve within a time phrase. It is good to think big and dream big but in setting a goal it should be an achievable one that is realistic and result will be achieve.
  2. Character: Check yourself if there some character or attitude you need to drop or some you need to work on. Character will sharpen you to become better and relevant to the society, when you are relevant society wants to associate with you and u need them to climb to the next level.
  3. Relationship: Check your relationship well, the kind of people in your clique, if they are people who help to realize dream or they are otherwise. You might need to “unfriend unfriendly friends” that will not allow you fulfill your plans and aspirations for the year. In relating you also need to learn how to relate with the right people in your line of discipline, meeting with the right people goes a long way to help you in excelling in your plans.
  4. Stop procrastination: Many of us were unable to achieve this year resolution because of procrastination of what we should have done in time but delayed ourselves. Procrastination is a killer of time, time is life, a second wasted in time can destroy life entire. Be wise, use time wisely and stop procrastination.
  5. Opportunity: Consider taking advantage of every opportunity that comes your way in the coming year. Try every opportunity but don’t be too desperate so that you won’t fall victim of some mishap. In taking opportunity, you might need to take risk. Don’t be afraid to take risk, anyone who cannot take risk cannot achieve greatness, because fear of the unknown will not let you do so many things.

We can do better in the New Year if we desire it with much determination, courage, focus and hard work. Life can get better just if we can do more.

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