The journey of this New Year 2017 begins tomorrow, I know there are many people who are waiting for the calendar to flip before the start doing something, but I don’t believe in calendar flipping before you do great things. Let your life be about doing things decisively, let it be about taking decision without delay.

If you fall into the category of those that want the calendar to flip before you take your chances, I am happy to tell you it will flip in a few hours from now. I just hope you are able to do those things you waited to do in this New Year.

There might be circumstances holding up some of you, but we should not let that hold up our hand. This new year, I don’t want you to be behind, if you don’t have a plan of action, you will be behind, if you don’t have a drive you will be behind. If you are seeking for external validation before you do things in 2017 you will be behind.

Try not to be behind by all means. The pain you’ve suffered in the year 2016 is too much for you to enter the new year with no gain. If you know what you want to do, you still have a chance to make it big in the year. If you have no plan, there is no two ways to it, no faith to it, I don’t think you can make it. Things will not fall from heaven if you don’t have in mind anything you want to do for yourself.

You should stop thinking things will happen if you only keep praying, it is your bible that tells you ‘faith without work is vain’ don’t come here thinking you should have faith with no work.

The road is not going to be hard; it is certainly going to be tough. It will be tougher if you have no plan, if you have no goal, if you have no strategy.

The year 2017 plan should be a short term plan, it is not a long term thing, it is here already. You should be done with 2017 plan, what is 2017? You should be thinking of 2018 that is the only way you can be ahead of your contemporary. I want you to dare to be ahead, don’t settle for staying behind, be ahead. That is the only way you can be very significant than the people you think are better than you.

As a matter of fact, some people are done with 2017, those ones are that came before everybody, and they were the ones working with what you called faith, the plan and work. You don’t have to depend on the crowd to have your action plan. Some of the people you admire don’t give a shit about the noise on social media. Social media is full of echo, only a few are being real. Some people are done with 2017; get that into your head.

Now, this is your permission, go and do what eyes have not seen in 2017, go and make things happen. You want permission that is it. If you still waiting for external validation. It is up to you to do for yourself things that will make you better.

You win or you lose, everything boils down on you. Challenge yourself to lead your life; nobody should lead your life for you. Lead your life in the right path, believe in yourself. You don’t need to fear anything.

Fear is just a state of mind, don’t be scared of dreaming big, don’t be scared of thinking big, just do. Do the things you think are best for your life, if you have a goal of buying a car or owning a house, let your work match it, let your action plan match.

I have never believed in negativity, I believe in possibility, I believe in positivity. I believe anything is possible if we work hard, have enough faith, plan, if we do the necessary things for us to get that we desired.

We should have a pattern for our life, we should be courageous towards the things we want, don’t make other peoples achievement, the yardstick for making it in life. You can’t keep leaving in the dreams of others, wake up. Go and make things happen.

Dream big, plan big, do some big things towards the achievement of your goal, don’t allow anyone or anything to stop you. That is your permission.

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