The millennial generation have changed the world in ways we never expect was possible. The next generation Z is going to build on the existing foundation created by the members of the millennial generation. We can conclude that the members of generation Z are born in a time of abundant opportunities.

The millennial generation are people born between 1980 and 1995, while the generation Z were born 1996 to 2010.

This new generation are going to surprise the world in an amazing way, in ways we have never seen. Gen Z, the estimated 60millions of the first “digital natives.”

The millennials are those who grew up in the time of making friends on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. This generation can’t even remember the time before social media, they grew up so fast with a lot of technology.

We can call the members of the millennial generation the first true digital generation, this set of people were born in the digital age. They grew up with iPod, mp3, and the members of generation Z grew up with iPhone.

Millennial are the Facebook generation, generation Z are the Snapchat generation. It is hard for you to see a 13 year old on Facebook, many of them might not be able to interact very well with Facebook, because most of their age group are either just joining Facebook or are not on Facebook. But this market of millions of teenagers will adapt and grow with platforms like Snapchat and Instagram.

Let’s make it simple, Wizkid is a member of the millennial generation, Emmanuella is a member of generation Z. Wizkid is an entertainer who is currently Nigeria’s artiste of the year, Emmanuella is also an entertainer who became popular through social media especially with Instagram and Youtube.

Parent of the generation Z have an opportunity to influence and shape the future of this generation, they see what is coming. In a world of legalized homosexuals, sexism and racism.

The parents have an opportunity to control their children in this global society. The parents of the millennial generation were not able to control their kids, because Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube and all this platforms came all of a sudden. Nigerian parent did not see the coming of Boko Haram terrorism, but the generation Z members have an idea of how their future will look like.

If most members of the millennial in Nigeria saw the future before social media, they might have developed the social space in Nigeria more than it is right now.

The generation Z are the generation that will attack the government with more technologies that will make it hard to abuse power. They are powerful with the fast growth of social media, they can decide on who win election. This new generation will make government more transparent and accountable.

The government are beginning to understand the power this set of generation will have, they came up with the social media bill which was destroyed by the members of the millennial generation. It seems the generation Z are in a good shape, because their elder brothers and sisters have created a system for them.

This generation will disrupt the Nigerian and African technology and leadership space. These ones will challenge the status quo; it will be a contest not a selection or god fatherism society.

Millions of these teenagers are potential markets for those who identified them. Most Nigerians have never heard the word, but this is the future. You should not under estimate the power of generation Z.

I am a member of the millennial generation and it feels great to be born in a time like this, but I can boldly tell you that the generation Z are in good shape, they have more opportunity.

Recently, my junior brother who is a member of generation Z started learning how to code, I was surprised by what he was able to build. The amazing thing is that nobody taught him, he learns everything from lessons on the internet. This is the power of the generation Z.

This new generation have opportunities to disrupt a lot of things, most of them are currently learning how to code, how to start a business, and they will take over leadership.

This generation Z is very young, the oldest among them just graduated from high school or are in their hundred levels in the university.

The millennial generation in Nigeria still have a lot to do in the Nigeria market, they are the ones just catching up with the rest of the world, and they are new. But the generation Z members are the future, they are the ones that will build on the foundation this millennias are currently creating.

You should not be surprise when you start seeing people coming out of nowhere disrupting different market.

The millennials are using social media to create big businesses and all this new generation Z members are watching their seniors’ dong this things. They are really inspired and will create even bigger things.

The millennials have been dubbed as the most entrepreneurial generation ever. At the same time, we need to face the new reality; this 60 million “digital natives” will be more entrepreneurial.

The generation Z are the new blood, entrepreneurship is in their DNA.

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