Echoes from Adebayo

Make sure grandmother see your face,
tell her of the fastened ground which
harbors me in promiscuous manner.
Prepared a gainful story in your lips,
my mother must not know that life has
made me one of his orphans in the wood.
Death is a coward in the paradise of life.

Should you get there before my shadow,
make more noise of my deeds to all.
I have planted roses on the laid rocks,
the streams have I impregnated with fishes,
The grasses will make a fairy smile of you
but sky those brightness to your heart
Tilting fresh egoes into a panning future.

My journey is of a saint of wisdom,
tears of a widow is nearer to my heart.
My mother must not sing of war song
my father must not tie his wrapper twice,
make sure that the rat and lizard don’t
go swimming because of your past tale,
striveness of the goddess is my willpower.

Move this sword to my barn of greatness
I have made the fool of the women in fear,
making a move is not a test of bravery;
for the trials of Wole yielded no result
yet, he was detained to just justice of joy.
Should you get there before my voice is heard
Tell them I am not died to the abyss of their thought.

Should you get there before me…
walk not your sagging lips to rot in the
street of walls and emptiness and hopes.
Your dreams must not fall like sands,
Remember, we are called to cackle in
one voice which stand for unity and peace.

©John Chizoba Vincent

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