This is not the time of slave trade; this is the time where we have more opportunity to be free more than ever. The world has been shaped not just for some selected people, but for everyone. People have the liberty to decide to do whatever they feel is right. People have the freedom to live the kind of life they want. People have the opportunity to impact the world in a great way, people have the opportunity to put an end to abject poverty, and people have an opportunity to break from the shackles of negativity.

The year is fresh and we can decide to shape it in whichever ways that soothe you, you can decide to act on your goals. You can decide to do anything for yourself. You should not be like the crowd. A lot of people in the crowd don’t have the guts to be free; they don’t have the will to embrace freedom. It is very threatening to your wellbeing if you are constantly afraid of freedom.

We have people who talks about freedom, they talk about the zeal to be free, but they are always afraid of freedom. Most student for instance are always scared of graduating from school, they are happy to graduate, they want to graduate. But they are scared, they have to go face the reality of no job. That is the reality.

The reality should not affects your own freedom, you know the problem, you should not allow yourself sink inside the problem. You need to understand the power of turning disadvantage to your own advantage. Don’t always look at the negative angle, if you are always looking at the negative angle you will never attain that height of total freedom.

Problems are meant to be solved; nothing happens when you talk, things only happen when you take action. You need to identify the problems that can give you total freedom, you should look for problems that need solutions. Find this problem and solve them, you can become amazingly free.

We all want freedom, even the dog locked down in chains inside the cage.

Have you ever considered freedom? Do you just want to join the crowd and go nowhere, you should find your place and decide to be free. You must decide for yourself if you want to be free. It is not a decision someone is going to make for you; I won’t make that decision for you. You’ve have to make that decision for yourself and chase freedom.

Total freedom is like a bird inside a cage, when a bird is inside a cage, the bird want to break free by all means, the bird want to fly away. You must anticipate freedom, the cage is not meant for the bird. When the bird gets out of the cage, it flies away you see it free. This is same as becoming totally free. You have to decide for yourself today if you truly want to become totally free.