You have been enjoying a wonderful and fantastic relationship with your partner, which is great. It seems like Heaven on Earth for you. Both of you could not just do without each other; you nearly suffocate yourselves with LOVE. That is pretty nice of you.

But wait! All of a sudden those interesting moments never comes. The once responsible partner whom you have so much cherished is acting contrary. Watch out, that’s an Amber sign.

You took step to discover what is happening and you succeeded in bringing out the truth that he has been seeing somebody else. At first, your heart feels like jumping out of your mouth not until you tried to tell him about your suspicion and all you could get was a reply that signifies a “Red Card” for you.

You may weep your Heart out because he jilts you. You may find it difficult to concentrate on anything. Each time you set your eye on him and the memories of old time keeps coming it’s as if your Heart is pierced with a dagger, because you are emotionally off-balance.

Heart break is rampant but let me tell you, you can’t keep allowing depression to take the better part of you. Yes! It is true you guys have a very tight bond but know that it is not the end of the world.

Once you are in a relationship, you have to face a lot of risks and be ready for the unexpected. Some girls may be lucky never to get their Hearts broken while some may not.

These points are sure ways and catalyst to save your Heart.

  1. Never sink helplessly into the relationship. Yes! The relationship may seem rosy and look smooth. Being sure of him is never a stupid act, it is natural and inevitable. But you should also keep it somewhere in your heart that anything may happen. Life is unpredictable and funny.  Be prepared for the relationship so that no action would hurt you to your bone.

 2. Don’t make it so obvious that you can’t do without him. I agree with you, you can’t help it, it is natural. It is good that you show care but don’t give yourself away in your utterances and actions. You love him, you are so blinded by love that you hardly speak out when he hurts you. When he discovers this, he will take your vulnerability for granted. Never give him impression that he is all you’ve got. Make an impression that he dares not toy with your Heart. He will caution himself and
never treat you like a foot mat.

3. Speak up when you are not happy. You thought it will get better as time goes on but it’s deteriorating. It is a signal but you don’t just take note. If he is not showing you the needed attention, love, care and understanding; it is better you speak up. If he doesn’t make you happy: he doesn’t love you and it could be detrimental to your heart.

4. Get a ‘Shock absorber.’ I guess you know the work of an absorber in a vehicle. In this context ‘Shock absorber’ is anyone who you can rely on either male or female especially when he or she is older than. This should be someone you can confide in, he or she may be of immense help to help you get up if you have fallen and keep you up when you are still standing. Remember you have a relationship to keep, but at the same time when something happens get close to your absorber and see the way forward. For you to have someone to console you is a great idea, but it is good to be wise at the same time. If you think you don’t need one, GoodLuck.

5. Never Date a Liability. Yes! Any guy who has no time for you, a guy who does not stand up to his responsibilities, a guy who prefers his pals than you, a guy who hardly hangout with you, a guy who never cares about how you feel and you claim you are dating him, it is better you think well and never go deep into such.

Heart break is one of the things that bring a girl’s emotion down, she believes it is impossible simply because the relationship has eaten deep into her and she never expected such a tragic incident. A nursery rhyme says “catch a falling star and put it in your pocket, keep it for the rainy days,” this is an illustration that you have to take caution and prepare ahead even if it will come, it will not sweep you off the ground rather it makes you stand firm.

On the lighter note, it is preferable that you date your close friend who has the qualities, someone you know very well. When these things are considered and practiced with great sense of knowledge, I am sure your relationship will have a safe landing.

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