Honestly, I’ve been reading and hearing about child abuse but I think now it has to stop, there have to be a lasting solution and an end to this barbaric and ungodly act, because how can one explain this? a child who is supposed to be celebrating Christmas like other children burnt with hot iron on a special day of merriment, now subjected to pain and agony when her mate are enjoying the season and to worsen it entering into the new year with a scar inflicted by her own blood.

I’m sure if further research were made the woman who did this will be a Christian who perhaps after such an evil act will still celebrate Christmas with her own children, mama Emeka as she is identified burnt her stepsister with hot iron for an offense I don’t even want to know how devious it might be. What would a little girl of 16 years of age might have done for a woman who is also a mother who has gone through the pain of labour, to warrant her inflicting such wicked punishment on her.

I’m sure with her arrest several interrogation would have been made as to why she committed such act, one of her response I guess will be “it is the work of the devil,” devil is all I hear when people commit a crime, I don’t know why this same devil didn’t push her to do such for her own biological child, or even to herself. I doubt if it is really the work of any devil because her neighbors while testifying to this report disclosed how she has at many times has maltreated the girl with different kind of harsh treatment, so I won’t expect mama Emeka to shift the blame on the devil.

Many thanks to Lagos State Domestic and Sexual Violence team (LSDST), for apprehending this woman and transferring the case to court, I hope that proper justice will be done to her.

I call on all the NGOs, social welfare, Lagos state domestic and sexual violence and all other agencies responsible for the fight of child abuse to take this challenge upon themselves more than ever before and put an end to this domestic violence in children.

Child Abuse must stop, child trafficking must stop. Every child is a success and bless to a nation without them there can’t and won’t be continuity of a nation.

Let’s respect the right of every child and promote child’s right.